[ThMS v0.88] Poor Thai People

The two services of MapleStory which are published by AsiaSoft, Thailand MapleStory and MapleSEA, are currently the third and second slowest updating services of the game by my estimations, with the slowest being the sad Brazil MapleStory. These thoughts were further supported today, as ThaiMS found out that their 0.88 update includes only an update to their PQ systems which adds additional EXP rewards. This despite the fact that ThaiMS has all of the content that GMS got pre-BB. Actually, ThaiMS has more non-Big Bang content than JapanMS does. Although JapanMS got Big Bang, Battle Mages and Wild Hunters first outside of Korea, and are getting Mechanics on January 26, they do NOT have the Ice Ravine or the Chaos Bosses. ThaiMS has both Ice Ravine and the Chaos Bosses.

All I can say to ThaiMS and MapleSEA is good luck for your next few updates. It has already been announced that Big Bang is upcoming for these two services, but no exact date was revealed. Let’s hope that it’s sooner, not later.

See the ThailandMS v0.88 preview here.


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  1. i feel sad …. just woke up and read your blog, now i hate ASIASOFT

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