[KG] [NX] NXC CEO tops rich list in entertainment sector

From Korea JoongAng Daily


Left: Kim Taek-jin, CEO of NCsoft, Right: Kim Jung-ju, CEO of NXC

The wealthiest person in Korea’s entertainment industry was found to be Kim Jung-ju, CEO of NXC, a holding company for Nexon, Korea’s number 1 game company.

Forbes Korea analyzed major shareholders in Korea’s gaming, Internet, film distribution and talent industries, and released a list of the richest by assets. The magazine included holdings by spouses and children.

Kim owned 47.5 percent of NXC’s shares, making him worth 1.88 trillion won ($1.67 billion), and Yu Jeong-hyeon, his wife and NXC director, held shares worth 818.50 billion won. Together, they are worth 2.7 trillion won, the magazine said. Kim Taek-jin, CEO of NCsoft, was a distant second with assets totalling 1.97 trillion won.

Kim Young-chan and Kim Won-il, the-father-and-son co-CEOs of Golfzon, came in third with joint assets of 710 billion won. Established in 2005, Golfzon makes simulators for screen golf establishments.

Those who helped build Korea’s leading online portals also fared well.

Lee Hae-jin, chief strategic officer and founder of NHN, Korea’s top Web portal, came in fourth; Lee Jun-ho, chief operating officer of the company behind NHN’s search engine, ranked fifth; and Lee Jae-woong – founder of Daum, the country’s No. 2 portal – came in sixth.

Big names in show business were among the 30 richest: Lee Soo-man, founder and CEO of SM Entertainment, Korea’s leading talent agency, came in 11th; Yang Hyun-suk, CEO of YG Entertainment placed 21st; and Bae Yong-jun, actor and CEO of Keyeast, ranked 30th.

Heads of karaoke machine makers were among the wealthiest in entertainment. Yun Jae-hwan, president of TJ Media, and Kim Seung-yeong, chairman of Kumyoung, placed 16th and 18th, respectively.

The richest woman in the entertainment industry was Kim Yang-sin, the chairman of board of directors at JC Entertainment. She came in 12th. The only individual to make the cut from the art world was Lee Ho-jae, co-CEO of Seoul Auction, who placed 26th.


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  1. trillion .. okay learned a new word .. never tought it was a real word ..
    my knowledge goes like this ten,onehoundred,onethousand,million,billion,HUGE NUMBERZZ THAT ROBBIN CANT UNDERSTAND

  2. are those real numbers, cause i loled at sextillion (wich i understand = 6)

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