[GMS] MapleStory’s Spring Update Predictions

Now that Big Bang is over I’m moving back to my previous way of predicting each update. Here are my predictions for MapleStory’s Spring update.

Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2011
[Map] Lion King’s Castle: Confirmed
[Game System] Guild System Update: Confirmed
[Class] Ultimate Explorer: Confirmed
[Map] Chryse: 50%

I’m seriously psyched that we’re getting this big update, then exclusive content in May, followed by MapleStory Chaos over the summer. Then who knows what we’ll be getting later in the year, especially Christmas. It’s exciting.


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  1. You should check the callender event in june the callender theme is lions sooo

  2. msupdate :
    Huh? What calendar event?

    on the website … i was thikning the same thing as shadowkun ..
    you can design a callendar for a certain month.. and if your design gets picked your design wil be used for the month u designed and u win something .. but it has to be of a preselected theme that nexon has selected .. like january=NEW YEAR
    and JUNE = LIONS (i directly made the link to Lionheart, wich isnt correct according to devblog, who sayd that next patch (march) wil include lionheart, or maybe it wil be added like the events now and activated later, but if they do that then i hate NA)

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