[NXJP] Nexon Japan Revamps Game Portal

Nexon Japan has today revamped their game portal as their catalog of games continues to grow. The updated portal can be viewed here. Nexon Japan’s current download games:

RPG (Role Playing Game)
Kunshu Online
Lost Online

Arad Senki (Dungeon Fighter Online)

FPS/TPS (First Person Shooter/Third Person Shooter)
Counter-Strike Online
Sudden Attack

TBS (Turn Based Strategy)
Atlantica Online

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  1. MSupdate, go check the new dev blog and reconstruct your predictions: http://maplestory.nexon.net/FunStuff/Articles.aspx?boardNo=400&contentNo=00Ajk&pageIndex=1
    they now patch every 2-4 monthes, and they say that that gives them plenty of time to work on GMS exclusive stuff, which might mean that we get more of masteria!

    • Next update on March 15 and then update after that in May I guess. We’re getting exclusive content in May.

      • hmmm i hate my internet explore .. keeps shutting down every 2 min because some random pop up comes up , iwch then shuts my whole internet explore down cause i have only 84MB space free -,-

        i comments TWICE when this blog appeard, noone of them made it on here .. weird.. but what i sayd was that its weird how duey got send away, and now we have donald who is doing the same thing , saying we can get our stuff that got send to us at him

  2. msupdate :
    Why do you only have 84mb free?

    really old computer .. its really weird … the laptop at my mom where im writing now has enough space, but the computer at my dad is really old ..
    it has windows xp on it and is kinda slow .. maplestoy takes (no joke) up to 50% of the computer space, then 20% of needed programs, 10% undeleteable programs and 10% of programs in not sure if i could delete them cause it might F up some programs .. that leaves only 84mb .. when i press properties i see the whole cirle filled up with blue (used space).

    i think about taking my computer to some man who also took care of the laptop at my mom wich ahd the same low space problem .. that dude gave me windows vista (wich fks up maplestory xD) and tripled my space .. hes awsome.

    the only reason i can still play MS with that less space is because i put MS on the D drive ….

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