[GMS] Next Update Not Until March 15?

Wait, what? March 2-March 15. Let me get this straight… Nexon is posting March’s events in January’s Birth of the Mechanic v95 update notes. Yes, yes they are. And that can only mean one thing! These events will be taking place while MapleStory’s client version is at v95, meaning that our next content update may not be until March 15, the earliest. This comes as very disappointing news to me. I got the hunch that we weren’t going to get another update until March when Nexon waited so long in January before giving us Mechanics, but I expected a March 2 update, March 9 maybe, but definitely not as late as March 15.

Oh well, Nexon knows what they’re doing. The nightmares of nearly two months without a content update will be countered by the dreams that there’s a good chance that March 15 will be the first in a string of big update last through the Spring and into Summer which include Lionheart Castle, Chryse, exclusive content and MapleStory Chaos, as was revealed by Nexon America’s Crystin Cox in an interview earlier this year.

In other news, we will NOT be getting a new world with Mechanic.
Grats to Arcania on likely be our last new world until Chaos this Summer.

It’s Nexon’s decision, which server(s) are coming with Chaos?



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  1. i nearly pooped my patns out of rage when i read that they fixed ALOT of bugs, exept the most improtant one : giving lv 70 resistance chars their ring at lv 70 !!!!
    i have 2 chars above lv 70 who still cant get the ring, if anyone knows how to get the resistance ring PLEASE tell me .. im dieing to know

  2. They did fix it, if u log on to ur characters that are over lvl 70 u will get a lightbulb for the quest. I don’t know why nexon didn’t put it down on the patch notes

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