[NX] Anniversaries in 2011

Here are a few game anniversaries in the Nexon Corporation.

Nexon Corporation: 17th Anniversary (from December 1994)
Nexon Japan: 12th Anniversary (from November 1999)


MapleStory: 6th Anniversary (from May 11, 2005)
Kart Rider (RIP): 4th Anniversary (from open beta launch on October 2, 2007)
Mabinogi: 3rd Anniversary (from March 27, 2008)
Combat Arms: 3rd Anniversary (from July 11, 2008)
Sugar Rush (RIP): 3rd Anniversary (from closed beta launch in December 2008)
iTCG Online (RIP): 1st Anniversary (from January 20, 2010)
PopTag!: 1st Anniversary (from January 26, 2010)
Dungeon Fighter Online: 1st Anniversary (from June 9, 2010)
Vindictus: 1st Anniversary (from October 27, 2010)


MapleStory: 4th Anniversary (from April 12, 2007)
Combat Arms: 2nd Anniversary (from January 2009)
Mabinogi: 1st Anniversary (from May 26, 2010)


Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds: 16th Anniversary (from December 1995) – The world’s first graphic MMORPG
Dark Ages: 14th Anniversary (from October 1997)
Elancia: 12th Anniversary (from July 1999) – The world’s first full 3D MMO
Quiz Quiz (now QPlay): 11th Anniversary (from January 2000) – The world’s first online quiz game and the world’s first free-to-play MMO
Shattered Galaxy: 10th Anniversary (from January 2001) – The world’s first real-time strategy MMO
Crazy Arcade (PopTag!): 10th Anniversary (from October 2001)
Mabinogi: 9th Anniversary (from December 2002)
MapleStory: 8th Anniversary (from April 2003) – The world’s first 2D side-scrolling MMO
TalesWeaver: 8th Anniversary (from June 2003)
Kart Rider: 7th Anniversary (from June 1, 2004)
WarRock: 6th Anniversary (from May 2005)
Dungeon & Fighter (Dungeon Fighter Online): 6th Anniversary (from August 2005)
Lunia: 4th Anniversary (from July 2007)
Air Rider: 2nd Anniversary (from July 2009)
Kavatina Story (RIP): 2nd Anniversary (from July 2009)
Nexon Star: 1st Anniversary (from April 2010)
Dragon Nest: 1st Anniversary (from March 2010)
Mabinogi Heroes (Vindictus): 1st Anniversary (from January 21, 2010)
EverPlanet: 1st Anniversary (from May 2010)

There are many other games that I just don’t know the anniversary of, oh well. Congrats to all Nexon games!


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  1. so kart rider was in nexon america before but it got taken out .. and now they are thinking about relaunching it ?? cause i got confused by the RIP part.

    And maybe i know what that masteria folder meant.
    You remember them saying they were gonna release some excusive content in GMS, wich you asumed was 6th aniversary. now IMO it would be useless to announce that you are gonna release an aniversary patch that was made by your own people, its like saying : yeah we are gonna release a cool new piece that involves text, while it actualy only involves having Casandra say : welcome to maplstory.

    you understand what i mean ? it is useless to count an anniversary patch as a exclusive content and to mention it as something big the players can expect.
    So what i think is that the exlusive content is an MAsteria update .. in the masteria quest line there was an forgotten city, or it sunk or something .. but there was something with a city that rivaled NLC .. maybe that wil be finaly added

    • Nobody knows if Nexon is planning on relaunching it. It’s just a possibility because the video was playing in Nexon’s office during the Blabber Box.

      I’m not assuming that the exclusive content will come with the anniversary, it was said in the interview that we will get original content for 6th anniversary. And actually I have no idea what you mean o.o. The town in the Masteria storyline that sunk was Old Sapp Village which resurfaced as New Leaf City. As far as I know there was no town that rivaled NLC. There was a town (Krakia) that rivaled Crimsonwood Keep. You’re right that if we are getting a Masteria update anytime soon it might be this.

      • yeah i meant krakia , and forget the rest is sayd if it confused you 😛
        but that might be something cool to add in maplestory … or something that is way more epic

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