[PT!] PopTag!’s 1st Anniversary is Here

On January 26, 2010, it will be one year since Nexon America launched the casual arcade style action puzzle, PopTag!. PopTag! was one of the first free-to-play games ever seen on Earth when Nexon launched it in Korea in October 2001.

PopTag! has over 50 million players worldwide. PopTag! also hit what was then a world record of 700,000 concurrent users in China. PopTag! is known by many games around the world including Crazy Arcade in Korea, BnB (Bombs and Bubbles) in China and Taiwan, BnB Online in Russia, Boom Online in Vietnam, and previously BnB in Thailand before Thai service was discontinued by AsiaSoft.

PopTag! (Crazy Arcade)’s Korean success spawned the ‘Crazy’ series of games based off of the same characters, Crazy Racing Kart Rider, Crazy Shooting Bubble Fighter and Crazy Racing Air Rider.

In addition to being the 1st anniversary of PopTag!, Nexon’s iTCG Online was also launched in January 2010 and would celebrate its 1st anniversary this month. However, iTCG Online was closed down on June 10, 2010 due to structural changes at nexonova (game’s developer).


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