[TERA] Open Beta Begins: 165,000 Concurrent Users

Global MapleStory hit 136,000 concurrent users after over 5 and a half years of service. 136,000 concurrent users is a massive amount that only the most popular games ever get to. The highly anticipated non-targeting action MMO TERA hit 165,000 concurrent users on its first day of open beta in Korea. The game is published by Nexon rival, NHN. NHN has to launch 36 servers on the first day to sustain the game’s population.

In Korea the Top 5 Korean Simultaneous User Counts

1. MapleStory (Nexon): 410,000
2. MapleStory (Nexon): 360,000
3. Crazy Arcade (PopTag! in America) (Nexon): 350,000
4. Dungeon & Fighter (Dungeon Fighter Online in America) (Nexon): 260,000
5. Sudden Attack (Gamehi (Nexon)): 250,000

The top 5 Korean games by concurrent users are all Nexon games. This might not be for long, though, as TERA, although being subscription based, has started off extremely well. All of these games have a far way to go for the world record. Nexon’s Dungeon & Fighter holds the world record of 2 million concurrent users in China.

TERA is being published in Korea by NHN and in North America and Europe by En Masse Entertainment.

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  1. havent checked ur site 1 day, and the next ting i know is that there are 5 new posts xD ..

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