[BPBB] [Kart] Masteria and Kart Rider Hints in Blabber Box?

This has to be one of the most interesting days I’ve had in a while when it comes to Nexon. The BlockParty Blabber Box was great, but what secrets did it hold within? Let’s take a look at any hints that the Blabber Box may have revealed…

Mysterious Masteria Folder

Look in the left column of folder, fifth from the top, “Masteria Update”. No, I don’t know exactly what this means, and I’m not prepared to make any predictions about this either. For all we know this could be a folder for old Masteria updates that contains information that cannot be disposed of. I hope not. I hope that this is a folder for a Masteria update that is coming soon (sometime before the end of the year). It also makes me wonder if this was added in purposely as a teaser or if the persons taking the video didn’t even notice it, or whatever else.

Kart Rider Video in Background

Here’s the video.

Watch “Rants & Raves” which starts at around 26:24. Throughout the segment, pay attention to the television in the background. When Rants & Raves first starts it’s Dungeon Fighter, then Dragon Nest starts before being interrupted, then Dragon Nest continues. At 26:41 when Daniel Chin (community manager) just starts talking, the television switches to an extremely old Kart Rider teaser. This continues all throughout the time that Daniel is talking and you can clearly see it when Luis (host guy) starts talking again. Then it’s interrupted and when we go back to television view the MapleStory Big Bang trailer is playing. And at around 27:58 an old Dragon Nest teaser begins showing. Then At 28:14 when they shake hands the same Kart Rider teaser starts showing again and continues until that segments ends.

Why in the world, after over two and a half years of the game being a “no go”, would Nexon America keep showing the game’s teaser in their office? This must mean something, it just must. Kart Rider took #1 of msupdate’s Top 5 Nexon Games That Should be Brought to North America which was released in September 2010.

For those of you who don’t know, Kart Rider is a free-to-play fast paced kart racing game developed and published by Nexon Corporation. It was released in Korea on June 1, 2004 and has since been localized in China, where it is overwhelmingly successful, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Kart Rider has been played by over 30% of the Korean population and has been crowed Korea’s national game. Mostly due to its Chinese success, Kart Rider has achieved 250 million players worldwide, with a peak of 800,000 concurrent users in China.
Kart Rider was released in closed beta in North America from May 1 to May 31, 2007 and open beta ran from October 2, 2007 to March 19, 2008. After the closure of open beta no official statements were released, the game’s website was eventually taken down and many people have been waiting and hoping that the game would once again return to North America. The game’s future return was never denied at Nexon with Nexon staff saying that the game was delayed for an indefinite amount of time or that there wasn’t sufficient fanbase for the game to be released at this time.

Dragon Nest… Summer? Honestly?

It looks like Dragon Nest has been delayed… again. After the “early 2011” estimated release time was announced at E3, Dragon Nest’s producer is now saying summer 2011 POSSIBLY. Honestly Nexon, I have no idea what you’re trying to do to this game. I believe in you guys, but really, we’ve been waiting for so long, you can’t blame some of us for getting a bit impatient. This can be seen at around 9:32 on the video.

P.S. Dragon Nest’s developer, Davy, is a little dry. Give him a little caffeine, maybe a couple buckets of candy before the next interview.

BlockParty Getting Closer?

It was late 2009 when Nexon said that public testing of BlockParty would begin. It still hasn’t begun. Could all of these new features featuring the Block Heads be a sign that BlockParty is closer than we think? One can only hope.

Whether you’re awaiting the next update to MapleStory’s Masteria, waiting for Kart Rider or Dragon Nest or are just the average Nexon gamer, this has been an interesting day. BlockParty Blabber Box has certainly given me something to laugh and think about today and I can’t wait until next month!

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  1. man, thank you for showing me this video, i laughed so hard when the guy in rants & raves did the =D face.
    also, i really hope nexon brings back kart rider.
    and also, the guy reading the rants & raves is a bit like “dot dot dot” in newgrounds, both are funny!

  2. i stil gotta watch the other half of the vid but i loled atthe first Combat Arms sketch … aimbot rant + donut = WIN

    funny how my internet explore shut down the minut the mech class audition came up .. i have been looking over the internet for that teaser the past week !! and now it shuts down on my …. curse my old computer … curse it !!

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