[BPBB] BlockParty Blabber Box is Here!

Nexon America has today released Episode 1 in their brand new web show, BlockParty Blabber Box. In my opinion this is Nexon’s best idea since Vindictus. It’s funny, entertaining, informative and finally gives Nexon a way to communicate with us a slightly less than professional and more comical way which in some cases (like this one) is a good thing. Blabber Box will feature updates on all of Nexon’s games from the producers themselves, sketches, animated shorts and a whole lot more.

Great job here, Luis and… uhh… hmm NICE shirt. I can’t wait for next month’s episode!

Oh, and another thing people. During the interview with Daniel China there was one of those old Kart Rider teaser playing the background. Could the most fun online game ever created finally be coming back to America after more than 2 and a half years? Let’s hope…

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  1. i have been only able to view the vid halfway cause my internet explore keeps exiting cause of to less space on my computer .. dang you maplestory for taking up 40% of my driver on my old lazy ass computer

  2. we have just launched an update that everyone has been waiting for .. the game has been released for 5 months … -,-

    • I assume you’re talking about the Dungeon Fighter interview? It doesn’t really matter if the game has been out for 5 months. It’s an anticipated update that many people were looking forward to. And the game actually launched officially 7 months ago and open beta has been running since September 2009 (a year and 4 months ago).
      And about the bank PIN thing, I actually have no idea what that is. I was hoping someone would tell me.

      • lol …. maybe they just made the bank pin up to have a rant cause they didnt wanna tell the public that they failed with the winter tree event so they made up another rant to replace the tree hacker rant 😛

        and i was talking about vindictus .. i gues.. the game has been out for 5 months, and there is a long awaited patch coming out .. im sorry but when the game is release for 5 months people arent so pro to know everyting about a new game, let alone knowing what patches are about to come

  3. with the last maplestory rant, they talked about bank pins or something .. what is that ?

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