This Month in Our Past: January

Sorry for the late release, but here’s this month’s release of This Month in Our Past.

January has been one of the biggest months in Global MapleStory’s history as it held what I consider to be our game’s most significant game updates ever, apart from Big Bang, in 2008. Other January updates include one of the game’s most used social features in 2006, the addition of a Global MapleStory original party quest in 2007, the rising of one of the most powerful forces in Maple World in 2008 and the update of an highly EXP awarding PQ in 2010. Here are the details of game updates in Januarys past.

January 2006

Client Version Update: 0.16
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Monday, January 26, 2006

– Level 80/90/100 equips
– Guild
– Lunar New Year

Guilds will forever be one of the most used, if not the most used social gameplay in MapleStory. Level 80/90/100 equips are also very important in the gameplay of many maplers.

January 2007

Client Version Update: 0.33
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Thursday, January 11, 2007

– Amoria Dungeon
– Amoria Party Quest

The Amoria PQ was the first original party quest in Global MapleStory and remains as one of only two, along with what is also Global MapleStory’s, the Crimsonwood Keep PQ.

January 2008

Client Version Update: 0.49
Game Update Name: “4th Time’s the Charm”
Game Update Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

– Final Job Advancement
– Leafre
– Mounts
– Legendary Spirit Skill
– Monster Name/HP Bar
– World Maps
– Party Leader Change
– Quest Alarm Function
– Buff/Skill Icon Timer

This is it. The update that has taken #1 in msupdate’s Top 15 Global MapleStory Updates. The long awaited final update advancement and Leafre were released in Global MapleStory on Wednesday, January 23, 2008. With 12 new jobs, 59 new skills, 53 new maps, 21 new NPCs, 19 new quests, 29 new monsters, and the almighty Horntail boss, 0.49 is the biggest and most game changing update ever to Global MapleStory, that is, until the Big Bang hit our shores in December 2010.

January 2009

Client Version Update: 0.64
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Thursday, January 22, 2009

– 7th Day Market
– Magatia Party Quest
– New Tutorial
– Auto AP
– Valentine’s Day Event
– Lunar New Year’s Event

January 2009 has probably been the least game changing January game update. Magatia PQ is less used that many other party quests, the 7th day market was a total failure, and the seasonal events sucked. Fortunately, the new tutorial and auto AP feature made sure that January 2009 will have some effect on new and inexperienced players.

January 2010

Client Version Update: 0.81
Game Update Name: “Winter Wonder”
Game Update Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2010

– Version Up: Monster Survival and New Medal

Although I don’t enjoy it, Monster Survival are extremely popular and rewarding party quests. The Monster Survival turned January 2010 into a good month for Global MapleStory all by itself.

January 2011 has been confirmed hold MapleStory’s first January class addition when the Resistance will be complete on January 19, 2011. I can’t wait to know what other great updates are coming in the Januarys to come.


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  1. I hate the 7th day market. Always spmmin my head lightbulb -_-

    • i agree man .. was 7th day of market GMS original ?

      • Not it wasn’t. It is ChinaMS original and is only available in ChinaMS, TaiwanMS and GlobalMS. Lucky are those services that don’t have it.

        • i agree … every saturday when i get a lightblub above my head .. then im all exited thinking there is a new ongoing event that i don’t know about, only to realise its the stupid 7th day of market.. hope GMS wil get rid of it soon .. like really soon

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