[GMS] Breaking News: 136,000 Concurrent Users

Unbelievable. Global MapleStory hit an internal record of 136,000 concurrent users yesterday (December 22, 2010), demolishing the previous record of 70,000 set after the release of the Cygnus Knights in July 2009. Such a number of users playing at the same is likely a result of the Big Bang and Rise of the Resistance updates along with 2xEXP, 2xDrop and a hot time event. Global MapleStory has a total of over 7 million players and MapleStory has over 95 million worldwide. When Big Bang hit the Korean shores, 410,000 concurrent users were recorded which isn’t just an internal record, but an all time Korean record for simultaneous users. Korea MapleStory hit 280,000 concurrent users recently after the Chaos update. Still, MapleStory is far off from Dungeon & Fighter (Dungeon Fighter Online) and its world record 2.2 million concurrent user mark.


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  1. I was 1!

  2. nice .. so actualy with all users (95 million) from GMS compared to the much more users from KMS .. then we are doing relatively better..
    we are close to 50% of what their record with BB is, but comparing our ammount of players to theirs we have less than 50% of their population … so we are doing better right ?

    • Oh, sorry I should’ve worded that better. Global MapleStory has 7 million players and MapleStory has a total of 95 million worldwide. KoreaMS hit 410,000 concurrent users and GlobalMS hit 136,000 concurrent users so we’re no where near them. But that’s understandable, KoreaMS Big Bang was released in the middle of summer, while GlobalMS had this on a Wednesday in Winter when a part of their playerbase was actually still in school.

      • hmm yeah but then there always is a winter break right ?

        • Yeah, but for a lot of people in places like New York and areas in Canada and places where a good portion of the GlobalMS playerbase live schools didn’t give winter break until December 24. Hot time was on December 22.

  3. oooh never knew that, i heard stories in maple from people saying they had holiday (this was around decemver 10), then where do they live ?

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