[MSU] Introducing the Ultimate List of Free2Play MMOs

I’ve been working on a new project known as “the Ultimate List of Free2Play MMOs”. If you can’t figure it out, it’s a list of free to play games. I have found through talking to people online that many people know only a few MMOs and have to be asking people for suggestions very often. I want my list to be the place of choice for anyone wanting to find their next MMO. I’ve just started working on it and hope to launch it on December 31. This list will never, ever be complete because free to play games never stop coming, and because I just don’t know all of them, but I want to keep expanding it for as long as I can. It won’t be too big a list at launch either but with time I hope to have hundreds of free MMOs waiting for thousands of people to pick from.

I want your suggestions of games. Send an email to zachamogo@hotmail.com with either a suggestion of a game to add to the list or a game publisher/developer. If you send me a game I will add that game plus all other games from that publisher to the list and if you send me the publisher then I will add all the games from that publisher to the list. So far the publishers in the list are Atari, Gala-Net (GPotato), Gamepot USA, Gamigo, Gravity Interactive (Warp Portal), Jagex, Joymax, OGPlanet, OnNet USA (Games Campus), Ndoors Interactive, Nexon America (BlockParty), NHN USA (ijji), Outspark, Perfect World Entertainment, Redbana, Riot Games, SG Interactive (Ntreev), Uforia and Webzen so if your game is published by one of those companies then it’s already on the list.

Thanks for all the support!

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