[DFO] Dungeon Fighter Passes 260,000 Concurrent Users in Korea

Nexon has announced that the hit Dungeon & Fighter (Dungeon Fighter Online in America) has topped 260,000 simultaneous players. The reaching of this milestone can be attributed to the releasing on a new character and massive Winter events.

In Korea only Dungeon & Fighter, MapleStory (Nexon) with 410,000, Crazy Arcade (PopTag! in America) (Nexon) with 350,000 and Sudden Attack (Gamehi) with 250,000 have surpassed 250,000 concurrent users so far.

Dungeon & Fighter may have just now completed such a milestone in Korea, but it holds a world record (amongst all games) of 2.2 million simultaneous players when it hit 2 million simultaneous players in China in 2009. The other 200,000 in that record came from Korea and Japan (the game wasn’t yet available in Taiwan or North America). Dungeon & Fighter has a total of 200 million players worldwide making it one of the most popular games in the world.

Dungeon & Fighter is developed by what is now an internal development studio of Nexon Corporation, Neople.


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  1. funny how its the same amount at Chaos update got KMS

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