[NXMOB] Dino Singers Launched to Apple App Store!

Nexon Mobile (Global), the mobile game publishing and development arm of Nexon, has released the free jukebox application, “DinoSingers,” in the Apple App Store. This is Nexon Mobile’s second application released for the Apple market following its successful release of “MapleStory: Thief Edition” earlier this year.

“DinoSingers is an entertaining application where children can interactively learn nursery songs with their parents”

DinoSingers, aimed at children six-years old and younger, will be introduced with two cute singing dinosaur characters: HUGGY the Diapersaur, a colorful diaper wearing dinosaur; and ELV the Santasaur, a Christmas-themed dinosaur.

The default character HUGGY, which can be downloaded for free, will play three beloved nursery songs including, “The Muffin Man,” “The A.B.C.,” and “Are You Sleeping.”

With a screen-tap, children can make the dinosaur characters show funny faces and make fun sounds such as sneezes and cries. These simple actions will also make the background screen move in a preselected way. Together with their parents, children can find hours of fun from the songs, sounds and colorful visuals offered by DinoSingers.

Also, ELV, the caroling dinosaur, can be downloaded for a fee (99 cents). ELV stands in front of a holiday-themed background and sings three Christmas carols, “Jingle Bells,” “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” and “Deck The Halls.” ELV will move his hands and feet and make various funny faces.

“DinoSingers is an entertaining application where children can interactively learn nursery songs with their parents,” said Seunghan Lee, CEO of Nexon Mobile.

DinoSingers can be downloaded from the Entertainment category of the Apple App Store. (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dinosingers/id406251241?mt=8) It will continue to be updated with new characters and songs.


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