[GMS v94] The Resistance Game Update, New World: Arcania



The game is up as of 1:07pm PT (4:07pm ET).

Dear Players,

The Big Bang came with a bang, but that’s not all, we have more! We present to you The Resistance. Join the fight to vanquish the Black Mage from Maple World. In order to deploy this to the live servers we will be having a game update starting on Sunday, December 19th at 10 PM Pacific (1 AM Eastern). Nexon currently does not have an estimated maintenance time. During this time all game servers will be unavailable.

Pacific: 10:00 PM Sunday, December 19, 2010 – ?:?? ?? ?, December ?, 2010
Eastern: 1:00 AM Monday, December 20, 2010 –
?:?? ?? ?, December ?, 2010


The following will be unavailable:
All MapleStory game servers

-New Content-
– Two New Classes: Battle Mage and Wild Hunter
– One New World

Maple World welcomes another new world, Arcania!

Update Notes

v.94, The Resistance Update Notes

New Events

Support for Resistance [12.20.2010 – 01.18.2011]: This event is open only to Resistance characters. Don’t fret though; the items gained from this event can be used by any class on the same account.

o    Talk to Cassandra to start the event when you meet the requirement.

o    For reaching milestone levels of 30, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100, you will receive an Energy Capsule.

o    Receive a special mystery weapon box when you reach level 40. This box can be used by a special certain someone that is arriving in January (wink wink).

Resistance Leveling [12.20.2010 – 02.28.2011]: Level as a Resistance character and receive a ring when you reach a milestone level.

o    Starting 12.20.2010 level a Resistance character to level 70 and receive a Resistance ring.

o    The ring has the following stats: all stats +3, HP/MP +30, and Magic ATT +3.

Happyville [12.20.2010 – 01.05.2011]: The holidays are here! Happyville is full of festivities and of course happiness, so drop by and sip some hot apple cider by the fireplace. Oh, and there are holiday quests for eager adventurers.

o    Talk to Rooney in town to be teleported to Happyville. Start the Happyville Christmas event by talking to Thor. Receive random prizes for finishing the quest.

o    Accept the quest from Cliff and hunt monsters to drop Rascal Snow. Once you’re transformed you can enter the chimney to find Santa and purchase items from him using Rascal Snow or mesos.

o    Talk to Simon to be moved to the Shalom map. Start and complete the quest by talking to Hannah. You’ll be rewarded with random prizes.

White Christmas Tree [12.20.2010 – 01.05.2011]: The holidays is all about gathering with friends, sharing memories and having a great time. What better way to share a great memory than under the White Christmas Tree!

o    This is a collective effort by all MapleStory servers!

o    Gather Tree Ornaments by hunting all types of monsters.

o    When you’re ready, turn in the Tree Ornaments to Black-nosed Fur. If you don’t have a magical reindeer sleigh to fly you to White Christmas Hill, talk to Little Beak instead. He can be found in all major towns.

o    When enough Tree Ornaments have been turned in the tree will shower the map with Snow Crystals and rare Golden Snow Crystals.

o    You can use the Snow Crystals and Golden Snow Crystals to buy limited supply items from the NPCs Fur Puff and Fur White.

Golden Snow Crystal Prize List

Snow Crystal Prize List

New World Event [12.20.2010 – 01.11.2011]: The Big Bang update is so big that we needed new worlds to contain it. During this event users who level on the new servers will receive special gifts.

o    Users in the new world who makes a 1st jb advancement will receive 100,000 mesos after completing the quest given by Teo.

o    Users in the new world who makes a 2nd job advancement will receive 200,000 mesos after completing the quest given by Teo.

o    Users who persevere and make it to level 70 within the event time will receive a custom bandana to commemorate the event. (STR +18, DEX +18, INT +18, LUK +18, Weapon DEF +180, Magic DEF +180, Accuracy +25, Avoidability +25, and Hands +10.)

Bug fixes/Changes/Known Issues

– Truckers, Galloperas and numerous monsters were awarding more EXP than intended.
The EXP awarded for killing them has been tuned to be in line with monsters of
the similar level.
– Winning the Sea of Fog PQ no longer grants more EXP than shown.
– Players should no longer disconnect when using Spouse Chat.
– Players should no longer be sent to Ariant when exiting the Free Market if they
entered from Magatia.
– Players should no longer be sent to NLC Town Center when exiting the Free Market
if they entered from Ariant.
– The Musical Chair should once again recover HP for the user.
– Players should no longer become stuck when they enter the map The Last Castle
Tower after defeating the Prime Minister.
– Many of Zipangu’s maps have had their art adjusted for 1024×768 resolution.
– The music should no longer loop when fighting Palpulatus.
– It is true that Duey will no longer offer his services. We threw him a great retirement
party and he’s now sipping lemonade on an island off the coast of Florina Beach.


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  1. Lol, I was late on telling you the next world was Arcania.

    • You might also want to put a poll for the next world after Arcania.
      Also, fix your post. It has duplicates of pictures in there.
      Other than that, your website is running fairly well.
      Thanks for the updates.

  2. update note : spam misplaced pictures xD
    but what in the world (haha get it) is GMS thinking, we just got 2 new worlds…
    now lets see this from a realistic perspective :
    If people wanna start in a new world they would have done that in either zenith or el nido.
    If they only wanted to make a Resistance char in a new world they would have waited for Resistance and then made it in zenith or el nido.
    If they didnt wanna start in a new world they would have never made a char in zenith or el nido.
    Its not like zenith or el nido now are full, so why bother making another new world 2 weeks after 2 new worlds got released, its not like people wanna stop playing their chars no the new worlds zenith or el nido to start in another new world,
    if they would have been smart they would have released all the 4 worlds at the same time, cause i still asume that with mechanic we wil get another new world, cause in tespia these (?) 4 worlds had bandanas.

    seems like they dropped rooney and Duey, but we can still visit Duey, im gonna visit him soon 😛
    But i wonder why they droped Duey…. okay i never used him but .. nah okay he was useless

  3. msupdate :
    I can’t imagine MapleStory without Duey. So many people depended on him.

    are you serious ? almost no one used Duey .. oooh wait since this is his funeral,
    Duey, you made the lifes of so many people so easier.
    You were a great Hero and will be missed.
    And who knows, maybe Duey wil come back as a new job : Deliverman
    Or maybe it turns out hes gonna work for the blackwings and deliver their mail.

    But what is with the pictures zach ?
    i mean now we all got DEMENTHOS in out little picture above our name

  4. Times were added by 2 hours.

  5. I thought it was 10 Hours?

  6. sohbet :
    happy chriStmaS

    my motherlanguage isn’t english, but isn’t it merry christmas ?

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