[GMS] What Should Be The Next Server?

Edit: Due to the inclusion of Arcania server to Global MapleStory in update 0.94 The Resistance, the other servers in the poll have said goodbye to Arcania.

Note: Server icons below were extracted by iFailLolol of basilmarket.

Who knows when Global MapleStory’s next server will come? Nobody, except POSSIBLY our friends at Nexon. With Zenith and El Nido of the list of possible servers and a few new servers added to Global MapleStory’s data, I want to know what the community wants to be the next server now.

With Big Bang came Zenith and El Nido, in my last poll where I asked which server the community wanted to come with Big Bang, Zenith won with 42.62% and El Nido came second with 16.39%. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

Maybe the next server will come with the second or third Big Bang patch, maybe it’ll come with MapleStory Chaos. Maybe it will come some other time. But which one does the community want?

Plana was right behind Zenith and El Nido in the last poll so will it come out on top? Will another of the servers that were in the data before Big Bang win? Or will one of the newbies to the data, Nova, Cosmo, Aster or Androa, take the prize? We’ll just have to wait and see in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z when voting ends on December 24.

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  1. Yay, my extractions. 😀

    I think Stius will come next.

  2. Actually, Nexon made a mistake and accidentally put the Judis and Kastia world icons for El Nido and Zenith in the rankings page, respectively. Although they don’t load, on the rankings, you can right click the “Missing Image” and click “View Image in New Tab”. If you do, you see on the address bar that it says “judis” and “kastia”.

  3. i voted for androa tought it was a cool name, then looked at the resuls and saw NOVA, wich i must have missed while voting cause its the coolest of all

  4. I like Croa.
    Its old and its abt time we get it.

  5. Are the server names latin? I feel like I’ve heard them before.

    • Well I’ve tried Latin translators on GMS servers many times and none of them have worked. So I’m assuming no, they’re not latin.

  6. how ya know resistance comes next week ?? press release ?

    • Cassandra has revealed that Resistance will be coming out on December 20. Events end on December 22. So Resistance will be released sometime between December 20 and December 22.

  7. I voted for Androa. I just like the name and the logo. IMO, these are the rankings:

    1. Androa
    2. Nova
    3. Cosmo
    4. Aster
    5. Arcania
    6. Judis
    7. Kastia
    8. Kalluna
    9. Plana
    10. Croa
    11. Stius

  8. Its on the site its in the quests so the resistance must come outthe 20th

    • Yeah I heard. Oh and as I said to arhz2993: “Yes, you were right. -Hands “You were right and Zach was wrong” medal to both you shadowkun-. I apologize for giving you wrong information. You have to understand though that as far as I know there was (and still is) NO reason why Nexon couldn’t put this thing in Tespia. It being tested in Korea means nothing. GlobalMS is a completely different game. Anyways, I’m sure Nexon knows that they’re doing.”

  9. shadowkun :Lol thx or the medal and yeah i think nexon is just lazy AND arcania is the next server and its comeong out with resistance

    Oh sorry didnt read that right forget i sid anything about arcania

  10. Damn it another new world… Kradia is gonna get even more emptier now

  11. How do you know when mechanic comes out o-O

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