[GMS] MapleStory Chaos Predictions



To read all about the massive and game changing three part update coming to Korea MapleStory this Winter, visit Spadow’s Blog. All predictions are made for the FIRST CHAOS UPDATE. The second and third Chaos updates will likely come two weeks and four weeks after the first update.

Summary: May to July, June is the most likely release month.

Predictions of when we’ll have Chaos by

April: 5%
May: 35%
June: 85%
July: 100%

Tomorrow the Big Bang, Castle of Lionheart and Chryse Predictions page will be renamed to the Big Bang, Castle of Lionheart, Chryse and Chaos Predictions page and the Big Bang section will go through some big and overdue updates so keep posted!

Don’t forget to get out of the increasingly cooling climate and join Hot Time tomorrow!

Be pro. Be a fan. Get some NX today!


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  1. hot time is 11 pm for me T_T
    I think chaos wil come in the summerbreak, lionheart mid february (like the 20th) or even end january.
    and chryse wil come april / May

  2. Chaos predictions already o-O

  3. the DB has something weird about it wich makes it look way cooler than before, i dont really know what it is, can someone tell me ?

  4. I love the Chaos update but theres so many glitches in KMST its hard for me to enjoy.

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