Suggestions to Nexon America

I was thinking about MapleStory after Big Bang and thought about these suggestions:

  1. Monster Info: Sure monster book is gone, but what about a small feature that allows us players to know a little more about a monster before we got and attack it. I say that when we click on a monster its name and level appear as if we had attacked the monster after enabling the monster identifier game option. Some more information like max HP would also be helpful.
  2. Player status: I was thinking that players should be allowed to select a status to be displayed to the buddy list and guild. This status can probably be shown when a buddy or guildmate hover over your IGN. Example of statuses are “Away from Keyboard”, “Browsing Free Market” or “Hardcore Grinding”. Players should also be given the option to display their own custom statuses.
  3. Curse filter adjustments: Honestly, the current curse filter is ridiculous. One example is a very commonly used term in MapleStory “whisper me”. The majority of this term is censored because of the “sper m”. I’m sure it is possible to make exceptions to the curse filter in cases such as that.
  4. Voice Chat: I’m sure everyone would like an in-game voice chat system. A system such as this would really come in handy in MapleStory. This voice chat wouldn’t be open, of course. It would be limited to special rooms similar to the Messenger system. A voice chat can be between, say 2 to 30 players, with any member of the voice chat room having the ability to block another user’s voice. Gameplay must be completely possible while a player is in a voice chat room.
  5. Buddy List Expansion to 200: This system is currently available only in Thailand MapleStory but its a great option. Many players are being restricted by the currently limit of 100 additions to the buddy list. I ask that the option for a buddy list expansion to 200 slots be made available. I’m sure ThaiMS won’t mind if we followed them, after all, they did get our Visitors event a week before we did.
  6. Server region label: There needs to be some way for the players to tell the West servers from the East servers. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a separation, but a small label can be fit into the bottom of the server icons indicating whether they are Western or Eastern servers. Currently the only Eastern server is El Nido, and that server has a big E with something resembling an arrow to the right (east) in the server pic, hinting at it being an Eastern server, but that isn’t enough.
  7. For the “Soul expired. It has been removed from your inventory” message displayed when your Cygnus soul has expired be changed to something more sensible on what actually happens. I say that “Soul expired. Cast skill again to summon” or something along those lines makes more sense. Edit: I now know that this applies to a Priest’s Dragon summon, and possibly other summons too. Nexon, the summon it’s placed back in your inventory.
  8. Update the “Recommended World” feature on the server selection screen. It still recommends Galicia and gives “The newest of the Maple Worlds, Galicia is best suited for players just starting out in MapleStory of those who want a fresh beginning” as its explanation.
  9. The server selection wall thing be resized or moved or something so that server alerts such as “Highly Populated” and “Over Populated” can be clearly seen. Of course this can also be changed by moving the alert.

So what do you guys think about these suggestions? If you guys have any suggestions to add, i’ll be happy to add them in before I send the ticket.


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  1. Please dont bring up the voice chat idea. The lag would be too much to inure.
    And what abt those glitches corollary to this system

  2. they cant change the sweat filter because :
    option 1 : they make it so there is no swear filter, so you can say sperm and all .. nexon wouldn’t do this since they know lil’ kids play.
    option 2 : they only filter if you say sperm …. not s p e r m or anny thing like that… but then people would typ s p e r m and harras little kids, so nexon wouldnt do this to ..
    option 3 : they keep it as it is, so that when ever there is something like sperm in a word its filterd .. people should just know by now that if you want people to wishper you an offer they must say “wishp me” or “wisper to me”.
    the reason why they filter the word sperm in wishper me is because else people or gonna say to little kids … heey you know what Wsperm is … they put a different letter or something before SPERM .. or even make it SPERiM, to fool the filter, but then people thats read it wil still know what the word is ..
    i think nexon is doing a great job at filtering … hell for as far as i know its better than EMS, if you wanna say something in your own language that isn’t english and NE think its a bad word, when you wanna hit the ENTER button you get an error message saying your sentence has a bad word in it, and then you have to retyp the whole sentence hoping that this time you won’t get an error.

    Srry for wall text

  3. Oh… Thats why “whisper me” is blocked. They need to lessen the blocker, I even see GMs get blocked.

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