[NX] [Ncl] Nexon Aquires Nclipse

South Korean gaming giant Nexon Corporation has announced their third (and likely final) take over of the year. Nexon has acquired EverPlanet developer Nclipse. This just a few months after Nexon’s unsuccessful attempt to acquire Dragon Nest develop EyeDentity Games, which was taken over by Chinese MapleStory publisher and massive Chinese game publisher Shanda Games. Nclipse is a South Korean gaming studio behind EverPlanet. EverPlanet is published in Korea and Japan by Nexon Corp. and made #3 on msupdate’s top 5 Nexon Games That Should Be Brought to North America, and as I said there:

I can see Nexon America taking Everplanet over here any time. There’s nothing stopping them that I know of. Everplanet will be a sure success for the more casual gamers and may even attract some MapleStory players who want a change.

With this acquisition, Nexon secured the excellent development skill of Nclipse and Nclipse is looking forward to servicing in the global market.

“We are pleased to be a family with Nclipse who has been in good relationship as a developer and a publisher. We will provide better environment for the developers to focus on their job and will guarantee the opportunity to reinforce their value in Nexon,” said Min Seo the CEO of Nexon.

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