[GMS v93] Big Bang Going Live Tomorrow

Dear Players,

The big moment has a arrived, the much anticipated Big Bang update will go live tomorrow, December 7th! In preparation for this we will have a maintenace to deploy the game update starting on Tuesday, December 7th at 12:00AM Pacific (3:00AM Eastern). The maintenance will last 11 hours. During this time all game servers will be unavailable.

Pacific: 12:00AM – 11:00 AM Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Eastern: 3:00AM – 2:00 PM Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The following will be unavailable:
All MapleStory game server

v.93, Big Bang Update Notes

Big Bang Changes


o    As mentioned in a previous post, the experience curve for leveling is much less steep after Big Bang than it was previously.  This means from Lv.10 on, the amount of experience points needed to progress from one level to the next is lower, making leveling up faster throughout levels 10 – 200.


o    Extensive changes have been made to the fighting system.  The formulas for damage, defense, accuracy, and avoidability have all been extensively overhauled.  Important to note for new and old players alike is that accuracy is decreased by a set amount for every level lower than a monster you are, to prevent players from attempting to hunt monsters that would be too difficult for them.


o    Several changes have been made to maps throughout Maple World, with the most extensive change being a completely rearranged Victoria Island.

o    Towns have new layouts, and many monster maps have been removed or replaced.

o    Foot travel to the Victoria Island towns has been expedited with the addition of Six Path Crossway to the center of the island as a hub.

§  The entrance to Sleepywood and the airships to Orbis and Ereve have been moved to Six Path Crossway as well.

o    Some modifications have been made to Orbis to make the town easier to navigate.

Item Drops

o    The drop rates of many Use and some Etc. items have been increased, with the drop rate of most HP and MP recovery items having been increased considerably.

Party Quests

o    The starting levels for some party quests have been changed, and the upper level restriction for most party quests has been removed.

o    Many party quests that weren’t previously in the Party Search menu have been added to it.

o    Modifications have been made to some of the party quests, such as First Time Together.

o    Astaroth has been added as an option to the Dimensional Mirror for characters of the appropriate levels.


o    Most NPCs in Maple World received a lesson in grammar, so their dialog should be grammatically correct.

o    Most quests in the game have been retooled. Quest requirements have been adjusted in response to the changes in maps and in monster levels.

o    Quests that are now for a different level than before have had their rewards adjusted accordingly.

o    The hunting and/or collecting requirements for the completion of many quests have been lowered to expedite their completion.

o    The experience rewarded for many quests that are still for the same level has been increased.


o    Most monsters throughout Maple World have had adjustments made to their levels, to varying degrees.

o    The stats of monsters—as well as the experience they give, the amount of mesos they drop, and the level of the equipment they drop—have been adjusted accordingly.

o    The levels of monsters have been specifically adjusted and consolidated to one area in order to prevent an excessive need for travel throughout Maple World for quests of certain level.

o    Some monster maps are now restricted by level to help prevent players from wandering into areas that are beyond their level range.


o    Skills for all jobs have been streamlined and consolidated into the most useful ones.

o    If you had Skill Points assigned to a skill that has been removed, those points will be returned to your SP pool.

o    A warning message will appear when you assign all SP normally obtainable to a lower job, to prevent you from accidentally assigning too many SP to an earlier job.

New Events

Evolving Ring [12.07.2010 – 12.23.2010]: A blank ring that can be upgraded once per day for a maximum of 17 times. On The final day of the event, the ring in your inventory will evolve into a tradable ring.

o    Talk to Gaga in major towns to get a level 0 ring. Stay logged in for an hour to evolve the ring into a level 1 ring. Remember to not log out until your level 0 ring has reached level 1, otherwise you’ll have to start again.

o Log in every day and ask Gaga for an upgrade. Hold the item that he gives you for an hour, and then return the potion back to Gaga to increase the ring by 1 level. Logging out before the one hour mark will cause the item to disappear and you’ll have to start again.

o    The ring must be in your Equip inventory in order for it to gain a level.

o    On December 23rd, the current version of the ring will become tradable. This does not apply to users who start the event on this day.

Eve of Resistance [12.07.2010 – 12.19.2010]: Your chance to get a head start on your Resistance characters.

o    This event is open to all adventurers, simply level up and you’ll gain items that can be used by a Resistance character when they are released.

o    For reaching milestone levels of 20, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 and 160, you will receive an Energy Capsule. This capsule can be traded to a character on the same account and can only be used by a Resistance character for an instant EXP injection. Doctor’s orders restrict 7 uses of this item to prevent unwanted side effects.

o    For reaching level 40, you’ll receive a special Weapon Box that can be moved to another character on the same account. This box contains a Resistance-specific weapon, so it can only be used by members of the Resistance.

New User Event [12.07.2010 – 02.01.2011]: It’s the best time to play MapleStory, there are so many exciting changes in store, but we have sweetened the deal by offering some special gifts to new users. Register as a new user during this time to receive the items.

o    When a new user makes a 1st job advancement they are showered with gifts.

§  Basic Magnifying Glass.

§  Dark Scroll for One-Handed ATT 40% for melee and range physical damage classes. (Warriors, Bowmen, Thieves, etc)

§  Dark Scroll for One-Handed ATT 40% for Magicians, this includes Evan.

§  Dark Scroll for Two-Handed ATT 40% for Arans.

§  A random 10 Day mount coupon for Yeti, Nighmare or Pink Bear mounts.

o    When a user makes a 2nd job advancement, they receive one of the following 3 pets: Black Kitty, Black Pig, and Penguin.

o    When a user adds 10 friends, a VIP Teleport Rock is given.

Returned Friend [12.07.2010 – 01.31.2011]: Been away from MapleStory for a while? In addition to having the Big Bang update, we’ve made it more enticing for veteran Maplers to come back.

o    Users who have not logged in since November 7th will receive a Ring Box, a VIP Hair Coupon, a VIP Face Coupon and a 1.5x EXP (1 hour) coupon.

o    Stay logged in for 3 hours and the ring turns into a Returned Friend Ring with some solid stats!

o    Character on the dormant account must be at least level 15 to participate.

New World Event [12.07.2010 – 12.29.2010]: The Big Bang update is so big that we needed new worlds to contain it. During this event users who level on the new servers will receive special gifts.

o    Users in the new world who makes a 1st job advancement will receive 100,000 mesos after completing the quest given by Teo.

o    Users in the new world who makes a 2nd job advancement will receive 200,000 mesos after completing the quest given by Teo.

o    Users who persevere and make it to level 70 within the event time will receive a special bandana to commemorate the event. (STR +18, DEX +18, INT +18, LUK +18, Weapon DEF +180, Magic DEF +180, Accuracy +25, Avoidability +25, and Hands +10.)

Hot Time Event [12.11.2010]: Users who log in during this event will receive a scroll that can be used to reset all SPs on a character. The scroll is tradable to another character on the same account.

o    In order to receive your SP reset you must not be in the MTS, Cash Shop, or be on a boat.

New Features

New supported resolution of 1024×768. Along with the higher resolution, all art assets are now in higher resolution.

The User Interface has been streamlined.

Available quests can be toggle on and off in the world map.

Hovering the mouse pointer over a map will reveal the NPCs and monster in that map. The level range of the monster is also displayed.

New simple mini map mode.

All hair coupons have been consolidated. You will only find REG and VIP versions of the style and color versions. These coupons can be used in any town that has a hair salon. Corresponding NPCs are in place to accept these in major towns.

o If you have the old hair coupons in your inventory, they will be automatically converted to the new system.

Town specific lens coupons have been removed. Cosmetic lens coupons have been replaced with new cosmetic lens items that allow you to change your character’s eye color at any time, without the need to visit a NPC.


New Cash Shop Items

Quest Deliverer Thomas: Thomas will allow you to remotely accept an available quest from anywhere within Maple World. A real time saver! Certain quests are not compatible with this item, please check the quest log.

Quest Completer Alice: Alice will allow you to deliver completed quests to NPCs from anywhere within Maple World. Certain quests are not compatible with this item, please check the quest log.

Holiday Party Gear, Santa Hat, Holiday Party Dress,

For more info on items in the Cash Shop, please click here.


Bug fixes/Changes/Known Issues

Users should no longer disconnect while using skills, opening windows, and performing other actions while riding on a boat.

Jump quests should no longer cause players to disconnect from the game.

There is a known issue with the Evolving Ring, when you turn in the potion to get an upgrade from Gaga, please make sure to have your ring in your Equip inventory.

Previous players’ attempts at killing Krexel will no longer block the map and prevent other players from entering.

Ariant Coliseum and Ludibrium Maze have been removed from the game.

Most of the Episode 1 quests have been removed, but the quests to obtain the job-specific hats and to fight Astaroth remain.

There is a known issue with the Hot Time event, being in the MTS, Cash Shop, or be on a boat will prevent you from receiving the SP reset scroll. Be sure to not be in the aforementioned places when we announce the time for the Hot Time event.

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  1. Am I the only one noticing the following things:

    WoW Cataclysm goes live december 7
    Maplestory BB goes live december 7
    WoW Cataclysm revamps the whole world
    Maplestory BB revamps the whole world
    WoW Cataclysm new level cap
    Maplestory BB faster lvling
    WoW catacylsm = destroying / end of the world
    Maplestory Big Bang = Destroy the old and start with a new

    both WoW and Maplestory have the some content-ish update on december 7.
    My gues is that Blizzard and NA made a deal to both patch at december 7.
    Reason : you have people that play both WoW and GMS.
    If GMS would get an awsome update before WoW, those people that played both wil start playing MS and not play WoW anymore, wich makes Blizzard lose income.
    The some concept also goes the other way, if WoW get an huge update before MS then those MS players wil play WoW, and make NA lose alot of money.

    The reason why I think they made the deal is, how in the freaking world is it possible that 2 big games, have the same content update, with almost the some ideas (new jobs to) new to the game … on the same date

  2. At least we know the resistance are coming out before Jan 18th…
    [Energy Capsule]

  3. resistance is coming in two weeks (December 21 – 22)

  4. Wait, I can only get the reset scroll on the 11th?

  5. guys did u go see spadow’s blog korea is getting maplestory chaos this month

    • doesnt look that interesting .. It was interesting to me till i read : PS there are now new jobs …
      i hoped that the alchemy job was one of the new (thief).. and we would get a blunt wep hero (warrior)
      DB looks soo cool now xD
      and whats with the RETURN OF HERO ?
      are they gonna buff up aran and evan … or are they gonna develop a new storyline, or even a pre-event for a new hero job in january .. hmmm we have to wait for spadow to get back from school

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