[TwMS] Big Bang In Late December!

Gamania has announced that TaiwanMS will be getting the Big Bang update late this December.

This added to the list of services of MapleStory receiving the Big Bang update this November/December/January, making it Japan, Global, China and Taiwan.


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  1. And i thought we were special.. (GMS)

  2. Yay BB for all ..well almost all and wonders if this means i was right o-o

  3. hey….i thought gms was supposed to be closest to kms… then jms come along and freakin jumps 1 year up. now taiwan?
    really made me mad cms got bb b4 us too :/

    • What are you talking about how is JMS a year ahead of us and taiwan and CMS havent gotten BB yet we are after JMS then its TMS or CMS

    • Calm down. GlobalMS, JapanMS, ChinaMS and TaiwanMS are on about the same level right now. GlobalMS was never a year ahead of JMS, neither TwMS. Actually, JMS is more than a year and a half older than GMS, so they have had to wait much longer for this when compared to when the serviced launched than Global players have. ChinaMS isn’t getting Big Bang before us. They’re getting it on the 15th.

      • zach, i was hoping that we would get all the patches this december because they sayd we will have caught up with KMS before the end of the year ( this was sayd when KMS jsut released BB ), or something like this, i tought it was even in your post … and that they wil give BB this december and before the end of the year….. so i hoped that ALL the 3 patches were released in december … but doing math, 7 december > 23 december (2nd) and somewhere in January mechanic …. cause i don’t think they will release Mech, HW, and BaM at the same time … would be cool if they did tough

        • Yeah. I’m pretty sure we’ll be looking at December 7 for revamp, December 21/22 for Resistance and January 4/5 or January 11/12 for Mechanic.

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