[MSU] msupdate’s Top 15 Global MapleStory Updates

For previous releases in the msupdate’s Top List series, see the msupdate’s Top Lists page.

After some thought, I decided to expand the list to the top 15, rather than the top 10. The top 10 updates remain the same from the previous list.

Since May 2005, Global MapleStory has gone through 51 free content updates. Here are what, in my opinion, are the top 10 of these updates.

1. Ver.0.49 – January 23, 2008

– Final Job Advancement
– Leafre
– Mounts
– Legendary Spirit Skill
– Monster Name/HP Bar
– World Maps
– Party Leader Change
– Quest Alarm Function
– Buff/Skill Icon Timer

The long awaited final update advancement and Leafre were released in Global MapleStory on Wednesday, January 23, 2008. With 12 new jobs, 59 new skills, 53 new maps, 21 new NPCs, 19 new quests, 29 new monsters, and the almighty Horntail boss, 0.49 is the biggest and most game changing update ever to Global MapleStory, and it will remain that way until the Big Bang update in December 2010.

2. Ver.0.88 – July 21, 2010

– Dual Blade Class
– Chaos Dungeons (Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail)
– Follow System
– Potential Item System
– New Login Screen
– Dual Blade Events
– New User Events
– AP and SP Giveaway Event

MapleStory’s first dual-wielding class was released during this update which took place on Wednesday, July 21, 2010. This update also included the potential system which has forever changed the advancement of items in Maple World. Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail gave Maplers another obstacle to overcome. The following system is fun an handy and the new login screen gave a refreshing look to the MapleStory client after over 5 years of the same old, same old.

3. Ver.0.73 – July 29, 2009

– Cygnus Knights Class Group
– Maker Skill
– Blessing of the Fairy
– Vicious’ Hammer Item
– New Skin Colors (Green and Pink)
– Elemental Wand Changes
– Many New Quests
– Maple Trading System (MTS) Tax change
– Bug Fix

Version 0.73 arrived in Global MapleStory on Wednesday, July 29, 2009. This update added 5 new classes (15 new jobs) and many new skills. It also added one of the ways for free users to acquired NX, the innovative maker skill, Vicious’ Hammer and many other features. Version 0.73 also brought Global MapleStory to an internal record 70,000 concurrent users.

4. Ver.0.72 – June 24, 2009

– Temple of Time
– Pink Bean
– Level 120 equips
– “Find Master M” Quests
– Title System
– Ellin Forest PQ
– Scissors of Karma

The “ultimate boss” Pink Bean was added to the game along with the Time Temple, Ellin Forest, the Title system, and the “Find Master M” events on Wednesday, June 24, 2009. This update paved the way for the Ver.0.73 update (see #3) to set an internal record 70,000 concurrent users. The great Pink Bean remained undefeated for nearly a year and a half. The Find Master M events were nothing like we had ever seen in MapleStory before as we performed a variety of quests, boss rushes and minigames in order to solve the secret of the missing Master M. Time Temple is a major training spot for high leveled players, Reverse weapons became the most powerful in the game, the Scissors of Karma allowed new trading options and the title system added another method of advancement in the game.

5. Ver.0.77 – October 22, 2009

– Halloween Events
– Level Up Event
– Gold Richie Event
– Witch’s Tower Event
– Version Up Content
– New Create a Character menu
New Cygnus Knights Intro
– Updated Find Party Member window
– Balrog Boss Monster (Easy Mode/Normal Mode)
– More Medals
– Medal interface
– More Mini Dungeons (Drake’s and Pirates)
– Malaysia
– New PQ – Boss Targa and Scarlion
– Haunted House II
– To add HP and MP you must be level 20

Thursday, October 22, 2009 saw the release of what is, in terms of content, the biggest update to be added to the game until the Big Bang update this December 2010. This update was total surprise as no previews or hints were released by Nexon America until the Monday of the week of update except for Haunted House II which we had several previews for in the weeks before. This update was perfect for Halloween as it features Malaysia, equipped with Spooky World, the Balrog Boss (we all agree that he’s super scary, right?), Witch’s Tower and, of course, the GMS-original Haunted House II, along with much more content.

6. Ver.0.86 – June 16, 2010

– Class Changes (Balance Patch)
– Friend Finder
– Golden Temple
– Android Set
– Many new quests
– Return of the Explorers Event
– Explorer’s Box Event
– Cassandra’s Weapon Rental Event
– Help A Snipe Event
– Guide an Evan Event
– Changed/Fixed Several skill Descriptions
– Bug Fixes

Quite an update to Global MapleStory was added on Wednesday, June 16, 2010. This update was the first of a few attempts to balance the game’s classes but this one, although game changing, was a bit of a failure in my opinion. This balance patch was focused mostly around Explorers to give them a boost compared to other classes such as the Cygnus Knights. This update also added the first premium dungeon in Global MapleStory, Golden Temple, a new GMS-original game feature, Golden Temple and many other game updates.

7. Ver.0.80 – December 10, 2009

– Aran Class
– New World – Galicia
– Maple Trading System (MTS) available on Yellonde and Demethos
– New Tutorial for Explorers
– Mushroom Castle
– Water of Life – Redesigned Functionality
– Party EXP Share formula change (From 60:40 to 80:20)
– Aran Events
– Holiday Events
– New User Events
– New Quests Added
– New Items/Maps/Zones

Another great MapleStory update took place on Wednesday, December 9, 2010. This update added the Aran class, Galicia world, Mushroom Castle and more. Aran will remain an innovative class in MapleStory with its unique combo system. The party EXP share formula change will forever impact that gameplay of MapleStory, especially the gameplay of Priests. the revamped Explorer tutorial now leaves a lasting good first impression on new players of MapleStory.

8. Ver.0.62 – October 15, 2008

– Pirate Class
– New World – Demethos
– Turkey Event
– Frog Mount
– Ostridge Mount

The first “new class” (except for the Thief class shortly after beta) was released in Global MapleStory on Wednesday, October 15, 2008. This update added the gunslinging or brawling Pirate class. Demethos world was also released in this update. If it weren’t for the success of the Pirate class, who knows if the MapleStory team would have developed classes since.

9. Ver.0.14 – December 31, 2005

– New World – Windia
– Third Job Advancement
– Level 70 equips

“The Third Fight” arrived in Global MapleStory on Saturday, December 31, 2005. A hugely celebrated event was when the 3rd job advancement was finally released. The first server to defeat the great Pink Bean originated in this update. Back then level 70 was a huge accomplishment and the achievement of third job made you a “pro”. It would be over 2 years after this that the 4th job advancement would be released.

10. Ver.0.67 – April 8, 2009

– New Party Quest features
– Inventory Window Improvements
– Quest System Improvements
– Free Rides For Airships
– Map And Monsters Spawns Adjustments
– Bug Fixes
– New Quests
– Easter Events
– Family System
– Monster Book
– Remote Gachapon Coupon
– Master Monsters

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 saw the “New Creatures, New Features” update was implemented. This update added the ever loved Family System and the Monster Book, as well as Master Monsters and many other gameplay adjustments. After this update new items in the inventory glow and the location of low leveled monster spawns was changed for easier advancement of inexperienced Maplers.

11. Ver.0.89 – August 19, 2010

– OSSS Secret Base
– Visitor Gear
– Unwelcome Guest Weapons and VIP Weapons
– Spacecraft PQ (lv 30+/60+/120+)

Aliens invaded Global MapleStory on Thursday, August 19, 2010. “The Visitors” update added the well designed and thought out Visitors event that is original to Global MapleStory. Although original to Global MapleStory and developed by Nexon America, this event was added to Thai MapleStory first due to the update schedule. Being the first MapleStory content to feature an advancing storyline, the Visitors event has been praised by not only players of Global MapleStory, but of Thai MapleStory and Japan MapleStory also. Let’s hope that Nexon America decides to keep the Spaceship PQ after Big Bang.

12. Ver.0.59 – August 14, 2008

– New World – Yellonde
– Crimsonwood Keep
– Phantom Forest
– Jump Down

The patch of all patches. Not super game changing, not super big, but still the best. CRIMSONWOOD KEEP. Crimsonwood Keep is the pride and joy of Global MapleStory. Being the first and currently only original town of any version of MapleStory to feature a party quest, Crimsonwood Keep is considered the greatest original area by many people all across the world. One stop at the Brazil MapleStory forums will make you see the demand for Crimsonwood Keep over there. This update also added Yellonde world and the very handy jump down function.

13. Ver.0.84- March 31, 2010

– Evan Class
– Episode 1 Open to Evans
– Neo City update (3 new maps, 2 new bosses)
– Party Registration System
– General Mau
– GameLauncher
– Party UI and Trade UI changed
– Everyday Evan Event
– Evan Levelup Event
– Evan Trailblazer
– Evan Launch Event
– Evan’s Gift

Dragonmaster Evan arrived on Wednesday, March 31, 2010. A very late month patch, Evan arrived in the heart of Spring break for North American players of Global MapleStory. Evan, with its innovative dragon, wasn’t the only thing added in this update. The disappointing Neo City expansion, along with the party and trade UI changes and expedition system were also added.

14. Ver.0.40 – July 26, 2007

– New Leaf City

Another AMAZING updates. One piece of content, hardly game changing. But still, TOTALLY AMAZING. It’s NEW LEAF CITY.

Masteria was opened on Thursday, July 26, 2007. A brand new world featuring diverse NPCs, crazy hairstyles and scenery with all to colors the rainbow, and that’s just the Mall. Here’s a little secret: Sometimes I cry when I think about that first time I stepped foot in the great continent of Maple World, Masteria. I remember taking screenshots of the area to showoff the my friend who played MapleSEA. Even today New Leaf City remains a key part of every Global MapleStory player’s life. Everybody comes to New Leaf City often, whether it for the potions, the gachapon, the quests or to train. If this list was based on which updates I think are the best rather, than a rating by size and game changes, Ver.0.40 would surely be #1.

15. Ver.0.16 – January 23, 2006

– Level 80/90/100 equips
– Guild
– Lunar New Year

This Monday, January 23, 2006 update deserves a place on this list due to its addition of the guild system. Nobody can tell me that Global MapleStory would be nearly the same if it weren’t for guilds. Guilds are an important part of the daily lives of all Global MapleStory players. This update also saw the addition of level 80, 90 and 100 equips and Global MapleStory’s first ever Lunar New Year celebration.

51 content updates and counting. Big Bang is coming up followed by another year of great updates. What awaits us in 2011? We’ll have to wait to find out.


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