[EMS v66] Dragon Master Evan!

Nexon Europe has confirmed through the Europe MapleStory Facebook page that the Evan class is coming to EuropeMS this December! More information will be revealed soon.

This Winter

Korea MS?
JapanMS Big Bang
ChinaMS Big Bang
Thailand MS?
GlobalMS Big Bang
EuropeMS Dragon Master Evan
BrazilMS The Final Job Advancement

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    • I thought about that but I was hoping to see what updates would come to KMST and then to KMS in the Winter, rather than KMST in Fall and then finally KMS in December.

  1. GRAAAAAAAATZZ my EMS brothers, have fun with evan 🙂
    i feel like im betraying them cause i play gms xD woot woot can’t wait for BB, and if i ever get falsly banned in GMS i know i can alway fall back to ems, wich is 6 months behind … nah make that 8 months

    • evan :O
      is it me or ems is beggining to update faster since aran?

      • All versions of MS have been updating much faster. I believe it’s an attempt to make services of MS be closer by content. EMS is very far behind so they have to update even faster than we do. BrazilMS hasn’t had a good update in a while, but they’re getting 4th job this December so I hope that they will start having bigger updates.

  2. I hope that it won’t be the only thing. Still hoping for Malaysia or CWK 😦 But Nexon can do anything, we have all database for CWK except BGM’s and Malaysia which has won a poll about what content to release first for 2010, and we didn’t get it yet :((

  3. btw, the release date will most likely be 8th of december.. And MSupdate, be prepared for big updates with NXEU for December. The launch of Vindictus, an Mabi update, fantage update and an CA update and ofcourse Evan for EMS

  4. msupdate :
    Oh yeah I mean in a while. Thx for the correction. And did you get my basil PM?

    yeah , did you recieve my mail ?

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