[VIN] Vindictus Named Top Game at the 2010 Korea Game Awards at G-Star

Vindictus won six awards, including the ‘Popular Game Award’ and four awards in the areas of technical creativity.

Press Release

BUSAN, KOREA – Nexon Inc. announced that Vindictus (called Mabinogi Heroes in Asia) has been awarded the “Grand Prize,” a Presidential Award, and six other awards at the 2010 Korea Game Awards, which took place at the start of the G-Star games show in BEXCO (Busan Exhibition & Convention Center) on Nov. 17.

Vindictus received high scores for its superior action and graphics. It was especially praised for achieving the feat of implemnting a physicis engine online, thus winning the first Grand Prize ever for Nexon. Vindictus uses Valve’s modified Source Engine to create a destructible environment and allow actions such as throwing debris or enemy corpses, shattering walls, binding monsters with chains, dramatic hand-to-hand grappling, as well as affecting wear and tear on armor.

In addition to the Grand Prize, Director Eun Seok Yi, in charge of the overall development of Vindictus, won all of the techincally creative categories (game planning/scenario, game graphics, game character, game sound) for the first time in the history of the Korea Game Awards.

Vindictus also won the “Popular Game Award” in the Online Game Category, winning a total of six awards and receiving the spotlight as the most notable game of 2010.

Aside from Vindictus, MapleStory DS won two awards, the “Excellence Award” and “Popular Game Award” in the PC/Video Game category. Also, the mobile game, Dungeon and Fighter: Slayer won the “Excellence Award” in the Mobile Games category.

“It is such an honor for Nexon to receive the Grand Prize at the Korea Game Awards at G-Star,” said Seo Min, the CEO of Nexon. “We, at Nexon, pledge to continue creating revolutionary games like Vindictus. We are pleased we are being recognized for our efforts.”

“We are grateful that we are getting recognition for our hard work on Vindictus,” said Eun Seok Yi, Director of Vindictus. He added that he would like to “share the award with everybody from the development team who has worked very hard alongside him for so long.” He also “thank[ed] the Vindictus players for their support of game.”

Press Release

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  1. El Nido Bandana
    Zenith Bandana
    Arcania Bandana
    Aster Bandana
    Where added to Tespia means, this will be the 4 new world’s just telling you.

    • just 1 word, LAGG new worlds = alot of lagg to all servers i gues since the whole maple engine or w/e now needs to run 4 more servers, okay there wil be the same amount of people that play the game, but all the maps need to be loaded 4 more times

    • Edit: Now that I extract I notice that there is a good chance of 4 new worlds coming to GMS.
      I really doubt that we’ll be getting all of those servers in Big Bang. I would those as the next four worlds though.

      • i got a question for you zach, uhm … why 4 worlds, what in the world (lol) could is NA thinking !
        i mean, 1 world is enough, but why do they expect that almost all the players will start a new world, why so much worlds, its not like we NEED to start over since our max char slot is 12 (or 15) and i don’t expect anyone to have those maxed out yet, so who would wanna start in a new world when they can play in a world without money problems…
        okay it is FUN to play the first few weeks when everyone is noob and there are no DMG noobs, but still, 4 worlds !! do they plan on making those worlds job exclusive worlds (lol im just joking)….
        i bet these worlds wil be even more dead than deme… or galicia… OR they are adding 4 worlds, so that during another patch they wil fuse these 4 “dead” worlds with some other “dead” worlds like deme, yellone, galicia

        • It’s not confirmed that 4 new worlds are actually coming. But the data states that quest opening quests for Zenith, Arcania, Nova and Aster are currently scheduled to begin on the 6th. This can be changed at any time. I’m not sure if we’ll get 4 new worlds but there is a chance.

          • The thing about Bigbang coming 1dec, I geuss that’s impossible because GMS always tell’s us a month before it arrives a Release date like aran and evan.
            But still you could be right.

            • It’s definitely December 1 or December 6. We actually didn’t get an Evan release dates until a week before the class was released. The Aran release date of December 9, however, was revealed nearly a month before the class was released, which is why I can remember it so easily.

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