[GMS] Big Bang Teaser Website Launched!



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  1. this might sound a bit crazy, but what about big bang coming on december 1st?

    the reasons:
    its wednesday
    its december
    all the events finish by november 30 ( at least the ones i know about )

  2. HELP !!!! i just shit my pants because of this :

    ok i got the full release dates, speacial thanks to fiel and the SP Community

    Proof its like Ulu City:

    From the extractions:

    Resistance Launch Commemmorative Event: Supply Support!
    The Npc Starting the Quest: Cassandra
    Quest Available From: 23.12.2010

    Mechanic Launch Commemorative Event: Premium Supply Support!
    The Npc Starting the Quest: Cassandra
    Quest Available From: 12.01.2011


    30.11.2010 – 07.12.2010 Big Bang Launch

    23.12.2010 Ressistance Launch

    12.01.2011 Mechanic Launch

    some random basiler sayd this, I was browsing trough what posts my friends on basil were visiting and I saw my good friend zachu (that you guys don’t know) was on a post saying BB wil come december 6 .. I also read that according to this comment mechanic wil come in January, wich makes me angry for 2 reasons.
    1. its not before the end of the year.
    2.mechanic wil come 2 weeks after the date i hoped for.
    PLEASE let the commenter be a troll or be wrong ….. PLEASE NA

    • December 6? zachu said that? I’m sure it was a mistake and that he meant December 1. Wow @ those dates. If those are real then they are very stupid dates from Nexon. By the 12th of January many players will be well back in school. I could never have predicted those dates especially not after Nexon said that we would have all of Big Bang before the end of the year.

      • The trailer even says “this year” and on Dev blog they said enjoy the Halloween and thanksgiving events before big bang- but they didn’t say x-mass…

      • no zachu never sayd this, but i was looking trough posts zachu visited and then i saw some random comment of another basiler .. and @lionheart36 they sayd that we wil get it before the end of the year, but what if they mean the first 2 BB patches, and that mechanic wil come in the early days of 2011, i hope not but NA being NA ….

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