[GMS] Updated Big Bang Schedule Predictions


November 12-December 29, 2010: Global MapleStory Tespia is opened with the Big Bang update, Resistance classes, and Mechanic update coming in stages.

November 18, 2010: Global MapleStory v92 game update goes live.

November 18, 2010-December 1, 2010: Global MapleStory Big Bang period of teasers, trailers, prequests, preparations and prevents.

December 1, 2010: Big Bang launched into Global MapleStory. New game server. The game is flooded.

December 15, 2010: Global MapleStory receives Wild Hunter and Battle Mage classes.

December 29, 2010: Global MapleStory receives Mechanic class.

These predictions will be updated as time goes by.



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  1. After the first day of the 1st BB patch maplestory wil be like Blackops for the PS3, DEATH LAGG wich makes you dissconect and wanna rage quit.
    Then after the second BB patch maplestory wil be like this : Aliens have arived and people are running like crazy to run and take shelter but alot of people get trapled by the huge amount of people.
    After the 3rd BB patch it wil be like this : Aliens are gone with only taking a couple humans, and as everything appears to be normal, it turns banks wil give away free money, poeple will rush to the banks take up as much money as they want and wil even kill other people to get as much money as is possible …. yeah maplestory wil go crazy like this….

    @arhz2993 nah im not in Tespia, i wish i was

  2. The release of Big Bang is appoximately the 6th of Dec. How do i know this? The ring eventfor the first stage ends on the 23rd of Dec. (which means the first stage of Big Bang ends around the 23rd). The event is 17 days long. 23-17=6. 😀

    • I actually noticed that. There is more than one reason why I don’t trust us assuming a December 6 update date. On December 18/December 23 I’ll almost be sure of a release date.

      • i dont understand, what ring event… the first BB update wil be 1 december … this wil give new maps, the second patch wil be 15 december (WH and BaM) the 3rd wil be 29 december, wich is all before the end of the year… what ring event are you guys talking about ?

    • I agree with u KobeKun 🙂
      I disagree with u msupdate -.-

  3. read this, seems they r just prepairing servers for big bang 😦
    so, no update?


  4. Well I do want to trust MSUpdate but some of those logic ideas can be wrong and i might want to go with the 6th of December because it seems to have more logic to it.

    • Honestly, I think these predictions are no good. Things are just too unpredictable now. It’s either December 1, December 6, December 7 or December 8.

  5. I was doing my research and the events say from “November 17-November 30” meaning there will be a patch on December 1 that does not mean it is Big Bang but they GMST, pictures, and teaser of Big Bang and what other patch would they give us? Other than Christmas stuff

    • Not necessarily. Events can be removed in a maintenance just as easily as they can be removed in a client patch. Big Bang is scheduled to be added in v93, meaning it will be the next patch, so unless we’re getting Big Bang on December 1, there won’t be a patch then. Also, these predictions are kinda dead. Big Bang is coming on either December 7 or December 8.

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