[GMS] Big Bang Schedule Predictions

Here are my predictions of how Big Bang will go here in GlobalMS.

November 10, 2010: Global MapleStory Tespia announced. Selected testers notified.

November 18, 2010: Global MapleStory v92 game update launched.

November 18, 2010-November 24, 2010 : Global MapleStory Tespia is opened with the Big Bang update.

November 18, 2010-December 1, 2010: Global MapleStory Big Bang period of teasers, trailers, prequests, preparations and prevents.

December 1, 2010: New MapleStory client. All users are required to redownload the game. Big Bang launched into Global MapleStory. New game server. The game is flooded.

December 1, 2010-December 8, 2010: Global MapleStory Tespia is opened with the Wild Hunter and Battle Mage classes.

December 15, 2010: Global MapleStory receives Wild Hunter and Battle Mage classes.

December 15, 2010-December 22, 2010: Global MapleStory Tespia is opened with the Mechanic class.

December 29, 2010: Global MapleStory receives Mechanic class.

This schedule was created with a few things in mind: GlobalMS v92 is coming on November 18. GlobalMS Tespia has not yet been announced. No serious teasers for GlobalMS Big Bang have been opened. GlobalMS Big Bang will be complete by year’s end.

This schedule can change at any time depending on how I see things.


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  1. We wont be required to redownload the game.
    Just a simple patch.

    • You know this how? Shanda has already announced that you will have to redownload the client for Big Bang in ChinaMS. It is entirely possible that we’ll have to redownload the client here in GlobalMS.

      • did kms have to redownload the game ?
        if not then its -1 not download VS 1 redownload client-
        wich makes u asuming to redownload based on pure toughts because the versions that had to redownload and dont need to redownload are equal wich makes is 0.
        i hope we dont need to redownload, i can already see myself sitting and waiting for 8 hours, last time i had to redownload it SAYD it would take 5 hrs to download but for some reason it took 10 hrs to download, weird time counter i hate you

    • I remember reading somewhere that we will have to redownload it.

    • Dev blog said they’re rewriting how the do the code. This mean almost all the code for maplestory will chance. Since a patch just adds stuff, I think there is a good chance we will have to re-download

  2. There is no way we will get all 3 BB updates before the end of the year. They will be strung out for 2 additional patches over 2 months at least.

    • They have to give us them before the end of the year because well one they prommised they would and theyre useing tespia + they wont realy need patches for now because its like a totoaly new game

    • man .. you know that the BIG BANG PATCHES wil all be made 2 weeks or less after the previous, they arent normal patches so not 1 each month .. if you would have read spadows blog you would know that every 2 weeks a new BB patch comes out

    • They said we get it before x-mass

  3. and you know that the tespia players will be announced… how?
    or is this list a prediction?
    if it is, write in BIG, COLORFUL LETTERS that this is just a prediction, for a pre-emtive strike on all the people who dont read everything and get confused and lead to flame wars and trolls.
    im just saying.

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