Nexon America’s Final Quarter Approval Rating

**Voting ends on Friday, November 19 at 2:00pm PT (5:00pm ET).**

Latest: 70.87%


It’s time persons. From now until November 19 the community will be voting to decide Nexon America’s approval rating for the fourth quarter of 2010. This is the third approval rating poll for the year, but the second major poll.

In quarter 3 it was found that Nexon America’s approval rating was 45.23%. The relaunch of Global MapleStory Tespia, the announcement of Big Bang and the release of the revolutionary the Visitors event warranted an intermediate approval rating poll that took place in September. Then, Nexon America’s approval rating was found to be 61.4%.

This is the last approval rating poll for the year. I plan to have an intermediate poll in January to see how the community feels about the release of Big Bang and how Nexon handled the Big Bang update. This will take place from January 3 to January 9. Then the next major approval rating poll for the first quarter of 2011 will take place from February 7 to 25.

Major Approval Rating Poll Dates For 2011

Quarter 1: February 7 to February 25
Quarter 2: May 2 to May 20
Quarter 3: August 1 to August 19
Quarter 4: November 1 to November 19

In case you hadn’t already noticed, these polls will be held from the first Monday to the Friday 19 days later in the second month of each quarter.

Anyway, on to business.

Check back to this post for periodic update on how voting is going. Final results are coming on November 19!


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  1. its so low because i havent voted yet .. and because ppl dont like that NA tells us BIG BANG WIL come soon , 2 months ago and we are still waiting -,- ( not my opinion )
    but uhm .. zach, have you tought of making a post about IJJI being hacked for the SECOND time this week ?
    i know this post is about maplestory and nexon, but you sayd nexon wil take over Atlantica Online, so why not make a small post about IJJI telling about what comapnys got hacked .. i know BOTS ONLINE got hacked a couple years ago.
    Hackers had that game under their control for 1 month.
    By the time the pubicers got it back 80% of the players stoped playing BOTS.
    Developers just gave up on bots, its still online but no more updates or hacker catching in there, NO gm, nothing

    • I was actually preparing an short post on it. I don’t know where that went though because it’s not in my drafts. I might redo it.

  2. We get ulu today. Approve or die. A slow painful death.

  3. Rollback AGAIN! wtf nexon?
    i was counting on u! u dissapointed me AGAIN y.y

    • Exactly what did you expect them to do? A rollback was expected and, as a worker in the game industry, I believe that this was the best choice that Nexon could make at this point.

      • i expected them to do that just after the exploit begun, not a week after

        • We’re talking about one of the biggest free games in North America here. The team can’t just get up and just do the rollback. It takes possible hour-long debates on what to do. Different people offer solutions and they work to see which is the best for the game. It took them a week to make sure that the game recovered properly. That’s better than them only taking a day and their solution having permanent negative effects on the game.

          • w/e im not angry with em, i was just sayin.
            anyway i wont be playin til big bang… i hope these thing wont be happening by then, i hope they KILL hackers xD

          • wait .. a rollback .. i havent heard annything about a recent rollback, are they gonna roll the game 1 week back ? and why, what glitch/exploid occurd

  4. msupdate :
    There was another meso exploit. The game has twice been rolled back to specific times on Monday, November 8.

    ugh .. but what was the messo exploid, im never gonna use it i just wanna know what things people came up with to exploid

    • Nah. I’m not going to talk about the exploit, especially not on how to work it.

      • haha ooooh man dont get the wrong idea, im never gonna risk a ban for some messo, but the only exploid i know off is the scroll from casandra exploid, wich is over now…
        i just wanted to know with what holes in the system people came up with now

  5. wiii free maple points 🙂

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