[GMS] November Calendar: Ulu City

It’s coming…


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  1. next patch = ulu city and thanksgiving ( it wil be a fail patch ) ulu city semi-good training spot … only good for those ugly tree things, wich are just a bad replacement for gallopera IMO.And thanksgiving wil be a fail as always, just a fun event for the noobs

    • IMO once an update has a new map the size of Ulu then it’s a good update. We get updates nearly every month and MapleStory has one of the biggest worlds in free MMOs. A new map as big as Ulu on top of what we already have can’t be fail.

      • it can … what use would those maps have when they arent good training … exept for some, but those can easily be replaced by gallopera, so the only thing that these maps serve for is to have a nice 10 minut walk trough a new place … wow, i prefer BB above a lil walk

        • When I said “big” I didn’t mean big as in size, I mean high quality. Like a “big deal” or the family system being a “big change to the game” even though it is only one small feature. Ulu City is big (by size) and it offers great training spots. And like I said, we get updates nearly every month that are well translated and full of content. This is something that few other free gaming companies provide. The only update since January 2009 that I say was a fail was September 2009 when all we got was the fishing system.

          • hmmm, i think i have to agree with you, but i still prefer a new system that is fun to use (like guild system ) than a new area, unless its a beatifull / super good training spot (like WR or other godly monsters )

    • Ulu city is epic. Do not question.

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