[VIN] Vindictus is Open!

MMOSite recently reviewed Vindictus giving it an “Excellent” (5/5) praising the game for its “Fresh gameplay style combined with great graphics and a well crafted world to explore.”

After months and months of anticipation, Nexon America’s latest MMO, Vindictus, has entered its official service! Nexon America opened the game with the Vindictus “Season of the Witch” Version 1.08 update which included the long awaited Evie character and community favoring changes to the token system. Vindictus is widely known as the best free-to-play MMO in the world and has introduced the next generation of games to players of free-to-play games with graphics and gameplay only matched by the best pay-to-play games out there. It is said that even if Vindictus went pay-to-play it would still be a smashing success.

Version 1.08 Update – ‘Season of the Witch’


Must be the season of the witch. When I look over my shoulder, what do you think I see? Evie, the bewitching mercenary has come to purge the land of formors and help lead the people to paradise.

Click here for more information: http://vindictus.nexon.net/News/Content.aspx?boardNo=100&contentNo=009vt


Silver Token distribution times have been revised to be distributed 3 times a week. Please note the new distribution times below:

* Monday – 10:00am Pacific (1:00pm Eastern)
* Thursday – 10:00am Pacific (1:00pm Eastern)
* Saturday – 10:00am Pacific (1:00pm Eastern)

The prices of Platinum Tokens have been reduced to the following:

* 1 Platinum Token = NX 300
* 10 Platinum Tokens = NX 2600
* 30 Platinum Tokens = NX 6900

NOTE: Due to this change in price, users who purchased tokens from 10/13/10 – 10/26/10 will be compensated with the same number of tokens they purchased during this time period.

Click here for more information: http://vindictus.nexon.net/News/Content.aspx?boardNo=100&contentNo=009w8

Avatar Shop

You now have the option to purchase items from the Avatar Shop using NX Credit. For more information on how to use the Avatar Shop click here.

Kayna , the new cat in town, is new way for you to access the Avatar Shop. Visit Kayna in between the Marketplace boards and the entrance to the docks.

Avatar Shop Additions

Evie Hair
* Ponytail Look
* Metro Bob
* Girly Pigtails
* Urban Afro
* Edgy Shagged Bob
* Girly Caesar Cut
* Feathered Trim Pony Tail
* Shaggy Short Cut
* Straight Fringed Bob
* Short Pigtails
* French Braid Hair
* City Short Cut
* Short Pony Tailed Bob

Evie Make Up
* Foxy Makeup
* Pretty Makeup

Evie Inner Armor
* Basic
* Iron Defense
* Sporty

Starting Events

With the introduction of Evie, we will be holding a special event to mark this occasion. From October 27 through November 9, all Evie characters who reach level 15 or higher will receive a Free Hair Trade Coupon (30 Days) following the scheduled maintenance on November 9!

Click here for more information: http://vindictus.nexon.net/News/Content.aspx?boardNo=100&contentNo=009vt

Ending Events

Gnoll Chieftain Hood
The Gnoll Chieftain Hood event has ended.


Get a Free Hair Coupon
Hair Coupons will be distributed to all users who purchased $10 or more for the event “Get a FREE Hair Coupon!

Bug Fixes

* Incorrect candy amount displayed for the second “Event: Round Pumpkin Candy” story text.
* Typo displayed in Kirstie’s dialogue when speaking about the “Event: Pumpkin Candy” story.
* Translation for the description for the Mysterious Man storyline.
* System text appears within the Purchase Confirmation window of the Avatar Shop.
* Incomplete text displayed for Brynn’s dialogue when completing the “Resenlian’s Healing Rune Machine” storyline.
* Broken system text sometimes appears when entering the Inn.
* Rewording needed in the Strange Traveler’s dialogue when first receiving the “Event: Pumpkin Candy” story.
* Aodhan’s secondary weapon mastery quest button needs translated.
* Incorrect item name displayed for the Sweetie Bear head piece.
* Extra text character displayed in Clodagh’s dialogue when first speaking about the Sweetie Bear story.

Introducing Evie

Greetings Mercenaries,

Ever since we announced Vindictus, many players have been looking forward to the day when we would introduce Evie. Well, that day has arrived! Beginning October 27, Evie is now the third selectable mercenary in Vindictus!

As our way of welcoming Evie to the battle, we are introducing a special event for all players who use Evie. From October 27 through November 9, all Evie characters who reach level 15 or higher will receive a Free Hair Trade Coupon (30 Days) following the scheduled maintenance on November 9!

Here’s a bit on Evie’s background:

Evie is a powerful magician who supports her allies with both her spells and alchemical abilities. Wielding a staff, she summons golems, revives allies, and uses ancient magic to perform devastating attacks. While her cloth and light armor prevent her from handling enemies up close, it would be difficult to call such a masterful magician anything but a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
Not much is known about Evie’s past. While it seems clear that she’s from the East, this evasive young woman tends to smile and deftly dodge any questions about her history. An elegant enigma, Evie chooses to express herself entirely in combat.

A few of Evie’s skills:


Evie shoots a bolt of fire from her magic-infused staff. Mana must be gathered for a very long time first, so plan carefully. This spell has a very slow firing speed and range, but the damage caused is incredible.

Alchemy: Create Golem

Golems attack enemies for a fixed period of time. Be careful, as Evie takes damage when her Golem is attacked. If Evie becomes incapacitated, her Golem dies.


Evie can restore a party member’s HP. To use this spell, Evie must have a Healing Rune assigned to a Quickslot. Evie can select the party member to heal by pressing [ALT] with a number key or by choosing from the party window.

Be sure to check out all of Evie’s awesome skills and spells and don’t forget to participate in our special Evie event!

-the Vindictus Team-


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  1. open as in playable now .. cool
    what world thingy u play , east or west server ?
    and do you think i can play considering the fact i live in europe ( got IP block ) but am allowed to play GMS ( wich is weird because i cant play other NA games ) because i made my account before IP block

  2. omg 5 hr download tiem -,- … why … whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. yeah after the 4 hr and 30 min download i figured that out when i got DISCONECTED from server error … i was afraid of this but suprisingly i wasn’t mad about it.
    Just wait for a couple months for VinEU

  4. have I any shance to play with this game from europ?

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