[JMS] Big Bang First Outside of Korea

Surprisingly, Japan MapleStory will be the first service except for Korea to receive the Big Bang update. JapanMS will get the update on November 24. Grats to JapanMS even if I’m a bit jealous.

Note: JapanMS doesn’t have Ice Gorge or the Chaos Bosses. I really think they should add these before Big Bang.


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  1. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE im gonna jump to JMS , do they have a complicated account creating system as KMS ?
    im gonna play JMS for 10 days ( the time between JMS and GMS BB patch asuming we get 1st patch on 1 december, 2nd at 15 and 3rd at 29 wich makes sense because they sayd this winter , and before the end of the year … wich also fits nexon america being nexon america, releasing what we all have been waiting for at the LAST moment (29th))

  2. oooh forgot to add : i like it how almost all the MS version are getting the same patch around the same time !
    JMS, CMS, GMS, all the BIG ms wil get it (forgetting about lame MSEA that is still waiting for DB -fail-, its like what, 30 days for em now till they get db , by then we wil be kicking ass with our mechnic)

  3. I’m extremely excited for this update. Maybe this’ll finally get my JMS Viper to 200 (currently wasting away at level 161).

    Only 27 more days!

  4. Wooooooow, y cant gms just skip all these useless polls, and devote there time to transferring data? I noe they r just stalling…but if jms can do it y not gms?

    • They’re not just stalling. Nexon would not put up these polls for nothing, there must be some reason. And Nexon is trying their hardest to get the content over here. We should be glad that we will be one of the first to get the update. And besides, whether we get it first or last, porting an update as large as Big Bang to a market as dissimilar to Korea as North America in just 5 months is a job well done.

      • uhm … but transfering data doesnt really go that slow right ?
        it takes maybe a week to fully get the data right ?
        so lets say they wil get it 1 week after its release in kms, in theorie they should be able to launch it after all the translations , wich should take 2 months max (i’ve seen solo people translate korean games to english in a month so with more ppl 2 months wil be good ) and then to make it al work 1 more month. so they could release it after 3 months right ( in theorie ) so why dont they release it after 3 months … aswer : they wanna make money from events that they can make money of even toug they know we dont want those events, but we want BB.
        so dont tell us you wanna make it the best update ever, if you really wanted that why not give us the poll when it was released in KMS , because if we all voted FASTER LVLING i wont see em change the exp curve to -90% instead of if we would have choosen faster traveling … they wouldnt change it because they are alread to far in the project right ?
        i agree with xyon they stall us, but i also agree with you zach that they wanna KNOW what we want, only i doubt that they wil change it in favor of us.
        oooh and im almost sure we wil get a -40% exp curve because (IF they would even change it) the most wanted cash item is 2x exp coupon, so normal ppl get -40% off and when you buy the 2x you get -80% like KMS has, that way we CAN get the exp reduction KMS has and nexon america can keep making money from 2x coupons cause they wouldnt wanna ban them to give everyone 80% off

  5. Aye!!!! When is the last date to make a dual blader?
    all these events seem sweet but sounds like lagg central

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