[Breaking News] Nexon America to Take Over Atlantica Online

A shake up has taken place in online gaming today as it was announced that Nexon America will take over the English service of Atlantica Online as of Monday, November 1. The transfer of Atlantica Online will be the first noticeable change that is a result of NDOORS’ acquisition into Nexon Corporation earlier this year.

Atlantica Online is an extremely popular persistent online strategy game and was originally launched in North America by Ndoors Interactive on October 30, 2008. Atlantica Online has always been published in Japan by Nexon Japan.

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  1. NA should buy LOL

  2. i used to play this a ocuple months ago .. funny how things can go, this game is now owne dby IJJI, buy with IJJI being hacked by the N0THS hacker group, no one can play anny IJJI came .. i think they wil be hacked till midd november, but since NA wil take over atlantica ppl that used to play atlantica but now cant because of the hackers can play a game that used to be IJJI´s a couple days before the other ppl that are waiting for IJJI to get unhacked and the be able to play their own game again .. loool grtz to atlantica , you better treat nexon as your king now, they save dyou from not playing for a couple of days !!!

  3. zach could you gimme the numbers of Nexon games ( the top 3 games ) and howmanny ppl play it world wide compared to WoW , im in a argument with some dude saying maplestory and nexon is shit, and no matter how i dont really like the some GMS at NA , not saying anynames, so you dont have to worry Diatia. (oops)
    and i want numbers to give myself support, i know u once gave em to me in a comment but i cant find the comment -,-

    • WoW has 12 million players. MapleStory has 95 million, Dungeon Fighter Online has 200 million and Kart Rider has 230 million.

  4. waiting for moar posts xD

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