[MSU] My Latest Projects

Over the latest few months I’ve been blogging less and less (from 60 posts in June and 66 in July to just 22 so far this October). Why? I don’t know. But I’ve been working on a few stuff that you’ll start seeing on The msupdate Blog soon enough. And even when I’m slacking off, you can always get the latest MapleStory news at Maple-News.

Nexon America’s Quarter 4 Approval Rating Poll

You voted from August 6 to August 20, and again from September 23 to September 29, but what do Maplers now think about how Nexon is running the game. The announcement of Big Bang, the release of Ghost Ship in the Mist and the upcoming release of Ulu City. The greater transparency and accountability on Nexon’s part? How has it influenced your opinion of them? From November 1 to November 19 you’ll be voting for the final time for the year.

In Q3 2010, it was found that 45.23% of maplers approved of Nexon’s running of the game, and in September 62.71%, a massive improvement of nearly 17.5%. Has Nexon kept up the good work, or has the community’s views of them deteriorated over the past month? We’ll know soon enough.

Estimated Release Date: November 1

Chryse Prediction Page

My predictions on when Chryse will arrive in GlobalMS will be added soon. For now I’ll tell you that I’m thinking April to June, with May being most likely.

Estimated Release Date: October 31

New and Upcoming Content in Foreign Versions: October

Many updates came to foreign services of MapleStory this month and are coming soon. It’s always nice to be informed as to where foreign services are in comparison to GlobalMS or if foreign services have received any interesting content. I posted last month’s edition on Maple-News so check it out!

Estimated Release Date: October 28/29

This Month in Our Past: November

November has been quite the month for GlobalMS in the past. From the first new class, to the now legendary robot turkeys. For the full history lesson, stay posted for the release of This Month in Our Past: November. If you haven’t already seen it, check out This Month in Our Past: October!

Estimated Release Date: November 1

MapleStory Pre-Big Bang

A short video series will begin filming this November entitled “MapleStory Pre-Big Bang”. My team will be making videos and photographs of current MapleStory to keep forever because starting this December, MapleStory will never be the same again. Although I’m going to enjoy Big Bang very much, I know i’ll be crying my eyes out the day that Maple World is changed. We must keep a reminder of MapleStory Pre-Big Bang.

Filming: November 5-Big Bang Release Date
Estimated Release Date of First Video: December 1

More information on how to view these videos and screenshots will be revealed this November.

Nexon Wikipedia Page

I’m known as “Mserver” on Wikipedia and am the most active contributor to the Nexon Wikipedia article. I do daily inspections of the article to make sure that information remains valid and updated and the article isn’t being trolled. I also do my “Regular update, cleanup and corrections” around once every two weeks where I add fresh new information, correct past information and do my best to cleanup the article. I’ll of course continue to work on this for as long as I possibly can.

BlockParty Wikipedia Page

The BlockParty Wikipedia article is now open! It was created by me (“Mserver” on Wikipedia) this weekend. The official name is “BlockParty (game portal)”. Check it out and be free to contribute if you can!

Dragon Nest Wikipedia Page

I’ll begin contributing the Dragon Nest Wikipedia article soon. The article is actually pretty beat up right now, but I’ll try my hardest to fix it up. Thanks to “JacobDells”, it is full of information and more will be added soon.

The msupdate Youtube

My own youtube channel, “The Msupdate Youtube” has been opened but has not yet been revealed. It will be revealed when I get closer to releasing “MapleStory Pre-Big Bang”. If you really want to find it, check some of the recent videos on The msupdate Blog, some are uploaded on The msupdate Youtube.

The msupdate Newsletter

Missed some changes to msupdate? Missed some major MapleStory news release? Want some tips on how to make your MapleStory experience as enjoyable as possible? Then subscribe to The msupdate Newsletter! Soon a small newsletter will be released periodically by me. It will include the best recent articles among other information that you just can’t miss.

Estimated Release Date: January 2011

msupdate’s Top 5 Most Recommended Free MMOs

There are lots and lots and lots of free MMOs now, more than 10 years after Nexon first introduced the world to free-to-play. I wonder where we would be if it weren’t for Nexon? But what games are the best? I’m rating games based on gameplay, graphics, story, community, publisher and popularity and bringing you my top 5 most recommended free MMOs in several categories. The following articles will be released before the end of the year:

msupdate’s Top 5 Most Recommended Free Casual MMOs in North America
msupdate’s Top 5 Most Recommended Free Hardcore MMOs in North America
msupdate’s Top 5 Most Recommended Free American MMOs
msupdate’s Top 5 Most Recommended Free MMO Publishers in North America
msupdate’s Top 5 Most Influential MMO Developers in the World
msupdate’s Top 5 Most Influential MMO Publishers in the World

Estimated Release Date of First Article: November 13

msupdate’s 10 Largest Global MapleStory Updates

5 years and 5 months. 50 free content updates. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Nearly every single month GlobalMS goes through an update adding new content. But what were the biggest ones? Stay posted to find out!

Estimated Release Date: November 2010

All that and more coming soon! Stay posted.

Be pro. Be a fan. Get some NX today!™


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  1. man…i wanna ask you a favor… when you go to your work, can you thank the WoW costumer ppl … i dont play wow but i wanna thank them, because lately i received phishing mails … i replied talking thrash to them because i knew they were phishing me cause they wanted to me give acc info because i was selling me WoW account, only i never played WoW so how i get an account..
    suddenly the real WoW ppl replied saying the ppl that send me an email were phishing me ( i already knew that )…
    they asked me to leave a feedback because ( and this suprised me the most when comparing to nexon) and i quote : ” Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment Support. We hope that the information that was provided to you was helpful in resolving your issue. Customer satisfaction is a top priority here at Blizzard Entertainment, and we would like your feedback on the level of service you have received. Your response would be very much appreciated. Here is a link to the survey:http://us.blizzard.com/support/survey.xml?i=MjcwOV5BZWFpbF5pbmdhbWVeM145MDc5MTAwNF5yb2JiaW5saWV2ZXJzZUBob3RtYWlsLmNvbV4yMDEwLTEwLTIzVDE5OjI3OjA3XjE3NDY1Njcz This link is uniquely tied to this survey and your email address; please do not forward this message. Thank you for your participation! AeailBlizzard Support ”

    so can you thank AEAILBLIZZARD SUPPORT thing .. cause i cant cause i dont have a WoW account, andyou can since you work there 😛

    • LOL. I’ll tell them when I get into work. I’m glad you’re satisfied with Blizzard’s support.

      • i was really suprised that they took the effort to reply to me, even tough it was a noreply email .. they took the time to email me back personal (?) and warning me about phishing site and wanted me to feedback, wich i wil do trough you 😛 if they need anny more info about that phishing email i can give it to them .. if you can help me by telling me HOW i can give it to them 😛
        it felt like they really cared, instead of the message : your ticket is in our database .. this is a followup mail, but this doesn’t mean we have forgotten about your ticket ( Nexon )

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