[GMS] Ghost Ship in the Mist

Dread tidings from the Sea of Fog. Rumors swirl around. Unbelievable tales of a ship with rotten planks and tattered sails that swoop down on unwary vessels and plunder them. And the crew of this dread ship? Could it be that the dead have escaped from Davy Jones’ Locker and are even now terrorizing the water of Maple World?

The call goes out for brave adventurers to find this strange apparition, battle its undead crew and destroy the ghost ship’s mysterious skipper to make the sea lanes safe once again. Do you have what it takes to battle against this watery terror?

To enlist in the battle against the ghost ship:

– Ghost ship is a “race”-style Party Quest. In order to participate, your character must be levels 60-80.

– Qualified characters will receive an auto start quest from Captain Hwang when you log in.

– To begin, take the Dolphin Tax to the Sea of Fog.

– Assemble a group of three and talk to Norrington for permission to enter the ship.

– When an opposing team is assembled, you will have to race through the ship’s five rooms to the captain’s cabin. When the captain is defeated, the team with the most monster kills will receive bonus EXP in addition to the normal EXP granted during the course of the quest.

– In addition to EXP awards, persistent players will receive equipment for winning the Public Quest 30 and 50 times.



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  1. finally.
    i ws wonderting when will nexon make a notice about it.

  2. PQ .. Public Quest .. i always tought it meant Party Quest

  3. zach i was just wondering … on what world do ya play ms ?
    i hope ya play bera 😛
    you might have told me before ( i think it was scania ) but i cant remember

    • We’re had this conversation before you know f3. I play on Bera and Scania but am not willing to give out either. BUT there’s one way through this blog that you can find out both my Beran and my Scanian IGNs without me telling you.

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