[CMS] Dual Blade To Be Removed

Shanda, the publishers of the Chinese service of MapleStory, has announced that, as in KoreaMS, Dual Blade is only temporary in ChinaMS. The class will be removed from the game on November 30.

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  1. haha makes sense, cause lady Syl saw that the dark lord did nothing wrong, so why keep raising dual blades to get revenge.
    IMO she realised to soon ( at lvl 30) that dark lord did nothing wrong, it would be better if she realised it at lvl 120 … then you could have a feeling you shold get revenge even at lvl 100, but now all the feeling for revenge is gone at lvl 30 .. and the ppl at started their DB at lvl 30 never really got the storyline and never got the feeling of getting revenge…

  2. All classes will receive new default skills when they advance to a sub-class. If any of those skills have already been purchased, their SP cost will be refunded.

    but does priest really suck that much that nexon america finds it neccasery ( srry don’t know how to spell this word xD )
    to revamp the skills … omg o_0

    this comment had to go as a response to your comment on me zach on the DFO thingy 1 blog below this one ….
    so … yeah .. i kept getting the error that i already sayd that..

  3. KreeftEMS :
    CMS is getting Big Bang in early Dec.

    omg zach !!!! omg !!! CMS is getting BB to …. omg gms might get passed by CMS .. when was CMS actualy created ? before or after GMS

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