Nexon America’s September Approval Rating


The next full scale check of Nexon America’s approval rating is scheduled for November 1 to November 19. But several new developments going on in Maple World warrant an intermediate check of how the players feel that Nexon America is running the game.

It was found in August that the Nexon America approval rating for Q3 2010 was 45.23%. This intermediate approval rating check will be used to see how users have been affected by the relaunch of Global MapleStory Tespia, The Visitors event, the Big Bang announcement, the launch of the Dev. Blog and other recent events.

So the community’s views of Nexon America have improved considerably since the last approval rating check. The approval rating went up by nearly 20%.

62.71% approve of how Nexon America is running MapleStory. 23.73% disapprove and 13.6% were undecided.

Nexon America's Approval Rating Change

You’ll be voting again from November 1 to November 19!!


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  1. im confused you say we aproved with 45% and you say we aproved with 62% … wich one is it ?

    • In August 45% approved. In September 62% approved. As of the latest update around 70% approve in the poll that is currently going on (November).

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