[GMS] Ulu City Date Confirmed, But Something’s Wrong

Yes, the Ulu City date has been confirmed for Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

Something is wrong though. November 3???? In my recent predictions, I predicted a October 27 update date and Ghost Ship in the Mist and Ulu City to be released. Now the Ulu City portals from Singapore and in-game! The area is unavailable though, and when you attempt to enter it says “You cannot enter until 2010/11/3”. WAT? Okay, so Halloween is October 30. We still don’t have Halloween events! Sureeee, Halloween events can be added in a maintenance, but can the Ghost Ship in the Mist? I’m not sure, but I doubt it. The Ghost Ship is nearly confirmed for the next update because the next server selection background that was added to the data features it. Also, we’re overdue for it and I don’t see any other explanation for us not getting it months ago other than it being saved for Halloween. So really three things are possible.

  1. The Ulu City date is wrong and it’s actually coming on October 28.
  2. We’re going to have two updates: one on October 28 and the next on November 3.
  3. Both Ghost Ship and Ulu City are being released on November 3. Halloween events after Halloween? Possible I guess.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Updated predictions coming soon.


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  1. Atleast we know we’re getting it. As for Halloween events?


  3. lol @ lionheart36
    i think haloween events wil be added then, but wil be made active at the last days of october, kinda like added like 7th day of market wich is only active in the weekend, the halloween event wil be active during october and they active it with a maintance or maybe that wont be needed

    • But the problem isn’t in the Halloween events. Chances are they will be added in a maintenance. The problem is the Ghost Ship in the Mist and the change of the server selection background. I doubt the entire Ghost Ship in the Mist can be added in just a maintenance, it more then likely requires a game update. And the server selection background can only be changed during an update. Ghost Ship is a ghost ship, obviously, and we were due for it for several months. IMO, Nexon waiting until Halloween to give us the Ghost Ship in the Mist is the only possible explanation for us not having it by now.

      • why are you sure about the background change, i mean we have a REX background now ..
        and it makes sense to me to release the ghost ship of mist with halloween, i mean ,… GHOSTS , and HALLOWEEN, imo those 2 make a great mix, so the update title wil be something like : ~ a scary update ~
        all themed in halloween

        • It came in the v90 data that the next server selection background will feature the Ghost Ship.

          • then it wil be at 29 october, there is no way they wil make the background for rex just for 3 days …..
            and how can you see the background change and other stuff, is that in the WZ file ?

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