[GMS v90] Notes

V.90, The Fall Effect Update Notes

New Content

–          The Resurrection of the Hoblin King (Hoblin King PQ): An ancient hoblin king once threatened the Maple World and was locked away in an icy tomb by the job instructors in El Nath. Rumor has it that the seal holding this ruthless leader is waning, and it’s up to you, the adventurers of Maple World to prevent him from being freed.

o    You must be level 75 or higher to participate in the PQ. Quests can be completed starting at level 60 or higher.

o    Must be in a party of 3. The leader must have completed Shammos’ prerequisite quests before they are allowed entrance to the PQ.

o    When you log in to the game an auto start quest will appear. Head to the Chief’s Residence in El Nath to find Shammos’.

o    Brand new quests to tell the story of the Hoblin king.

o    New loots!


–          Ninja Castle: A new addition to Zipangu (Japan World Tour) is being added in this update.

o    New quests for characters of various levels.

o    Content for characters level 30 and up. The later quests will require your character to be level 70 or higher.

o    Do you have the skill to fight your way through the treacherous castle and face the emperor toad?

<Click here to find out more about the Ninja Castle>

New Feature

–          You can now use a PC compatible gamepad to play MapleStory.

New Events!

–          Roll Call (9/29 – 10/26)

o    Each day when you log in, Cassandra will give you a random reward from a list.

o    The event is repeatable once per day.

o    Combine 30 “Piece of Scroll” to receive one random 60% ATT scroll.

o    Cash reward from the event expires in 1 day.


–          Monster of the Day (9/29 – 10/26)

o    On Saturdays and Sundays, players can choose a monster to hunt. Hunting this monster will yield bonus EXP.

o    Talk to Cassandra again if you want to change the monster.

New Cash Shop Items

–          Cat Set Boots, Cat Set Hat, Cat Set Mittens, Cat Set Suit, Cat Tail Cape, Fox Outfix, Fire Katana, Hunting Hawk (Weapon Cover), and Inari the White Fox (Weapon Cover).

<Click here for more information on cash item list>

Bug Fixes/Changes/Know Issues

–          Players should no longer experience periodic lag when playing MapleStory.

–          The bug causing the Heavy Metal hair to change while crouching and attacking has been fixed.

–          Players should no longer be disconnected when entering Valley of Heroes I while using Dark Sight.

–          Players who have forfeited the quest, “Is This A Dream” can now get it again.

–          Gamepad functionality is lost when alt tabbing or switching between MapleStory and other windows. To reinitialize the gamepad, open the gamepad settings and click OK.


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