[JMS v1.88] The Visitors

The Visitors event is once again being praised as the Japan MapleStory development team has decided to take it to JMS. JapanMS, which was launched more than a year and a half before GlobalMS, still does not have the Chaos Bosses or the potential system. They are giving hints that Maple World’s darkest force is returning to shake up the land and sea with the release of The Visitors event this September.

The alien invasion is coming to Japan this September!


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  1. Copying our content? How dare they ]:<
    btw… Can't wait for ulu city.

    • LOL. So it’s okay for us to steal MapleSEA’s original content but not okay for JapanMS to get our original content? I like the way you think.

  2. What did we ever get from them? Destroyed Showa and Neo Cifuck?

    • I don’t get what’s so wrong with GMShowa. The stats of everything are the same. The environment was slightly changed to not promote human to human violence and warfare. There’s nothing wrong with GMShowa. GMS players have just over exaggerated another situation to make it look like Nexon is destroying the game. We also got Mushroom Shrine and the Himes area from JMS. We also got Ludi Maze, MTS and Follow Function from them.

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