[GMS] MapleStory’s Biggest Update!

Global MapleStory may have lost the title of most updated foreign (to Korea) service of MapleStory to JapanMS, ChinaMS and TaiwanMS over the past month if you only count the main storyline, but it won’t stay that way for long. Global MapleStory will once again come from behind as the Rebirth of Maple World takes place later this year. But what exactly will MapleStory’s biggest update ever be called when it arrives in America?
The poll for YOU, the players, to decide has been put up! Vote and get some NX today!

I’m all for change and independence from other services to the game, but Big Bang got my vote, which, as of the time of this post, is in a strong position at 57%. The other names simply suck. MapleStory: Evolution, MapleStory: Rebirth and MapleStory: Revolution are cliche and are getting boring now that you see them in 100000 other games.

My second choice might have been A New Leaf, but that doesn’t like an event in which the darkest force of Maple World revives, sends a shockwave through Maple World, mixing it up and beefing up the monsters, now does it? A New Leaf just don’t quite fit this update, and it reminds me of New Leaf City which then reminds me of Masteria which makes me cry.

In my opinion, Big Bang is the only possible choice. But what do I know? It’s up to all of you to pick! And remember, the Rebirth of Maple World update name poll, as well as all other MapleStory polls, can be found here.

It doesn’t matter the name, though. Big Bang is coming and it’s coming soon. Get ready, be pro, be a fan and get some NX today!

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  1. new leaf reminds me of NLC , wich reminds me of masteria, wich makes me sad … lol xD
    i voted for BB because its the only possible not cliché/not fitting name for this update ….. but New Leaf was my second choice because the other suck

  2. Why did GMS lose that title? Because of TwMS getting Ice Gorege? What did JMS get? And what did CMS get?

    • Yup, TwMS and CMS both now have Ice Gorge which puts them ahead of us in the main storyline. But now that I think about it, JapanMS still lacks the Chaos Bosses and the item potential system which puts them behind us. ThaiMS is also getting Dual Blade before MapleSEA making MapleSEA now the least updated “old” service of MapleStory. Old services do not include EuropeMS or BrazilMS because those two versions are too far behind.

      Right now it’s like
      1. KoreaMS
      2. ChinaMS and TaiwanMS
      4. GlobalMS
      5. JapanMS
      6. ThaiMS
      7. MapleSEA

      You asked me three questions and I ended up typing all of this. There’s something wrong with me I tell you.

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