[MSEA] Dual Blade on November 10

http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/hs342.snc4/41572_55465290611_7613_n.jpgAsiaSoft has announced through the official MapleSEA Facebook page that the Dual Blade class will be released in MapleSEA on November 10. Grats!

Yes, we are officially starting our countdown to MapleSEA Dual Blade Class Launch this November! Come back to this space as often as you can from now on, because there are a whole lot of Facebook contests waiting for you to participate.

Happy Mapling, and help us spread the word around.
Dual Blade’s in town!


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  1. 55 days? poor msea ppl

  2. 55 days = fail HAHA
    and it took em sooo long…
    we now have dual blade for 2 months (?) and they just announced it.
    so when they get dual blade they are 3 months behind to gms , wich means 7 months behind KMS or even more, that’s a fail

    • Jeez chazz don’t be so mean. It was just a year ago that GMS was 2 months behind MapleSEA.

      • oooh don’t get me wrong i wasn’t trying to be mean…
        i only wanted to say that the ppl take place the patches have only been busy with fixes lately , wich itself is a fail, but then they are like 6 months behind kms while they normaly were the best up-to-date version after KMS

    • Actually, I feel quite happy about this update. I just had my primary school leaving examinations and now, I can play computer all day long! If it was earlier I would not be able to play dual blade when it comes out.

  3. MSEA isn’t fail, MSEA is even better then GMS. They have more world tours, better comunnity.. I’ve played MSEA 2 days and it was a way nicer then GMS..

    • More world tours and a better community doesn’t make a good game. GMS has much faster updates and more game features. IMO, GMS is no better than MSEA and MSEA is no better than GMS.

  4. You all are stupid. In the end, Its just a game. Poor nubs..

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