[September 15] MapleStory’s Next Update Predictions

Big Bang is Coming.
September 22 removed from possible patch dates because I doubt that the update will be then.

September 29: 75%
October 6: 25%

September 29

Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist: 90% (Up!)
Ice Gorge: 70%
Big Bang: 25%
Ulu City: 20%
Resistance (Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic): 20%

October 6

Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist: 99%
Ice Gorge: 60% (Up)
Big Bang: 40% (Down due to no further hints)
Resistance (Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic): 20%
Ulu City: 15%



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  1. Once bigbang comes a month later battle mage and wild hunter come out then a month after that mechanics come out

    • Exactly how do you know that? This is GMS, not KMS. Just because it happened in KMS doesn’t mean it’ll happen in GMS. I could happen that way but it’s not 100%.

  2. Any predictions on lionheart castle (love the name XD)… Oh wait nvm, that’s not in kms yet.

    BUT ULU CITY IS 90%!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Good u lowered the pred for big bang but its still too early.
    Id say 10% next patch.

  4. I think BB is next patch.

    • If next patch is September 29 then I doubt it because Tespia Term 2 hasn’t been announced and I’m guessing they need at least a week testing time.

  5. msupdate :
    Hey, did you read this? http://maplestory.nexon.net/News/Events.aspx?boardNo=201&contentNo=009Uu&pageIndex=1
    It’s not about me being right or wrong, the fact is that it’s coming soon.

    i know about that , i only meant if there was proof of them SAYING it

    • “In Korea they called it the “Big Bang.” It was the most important update in MapleStory history and it’s coming to Global MapleStory soon.” -Nexon America

      • zach aren’t u making an AWSOME ownmade post about the big bang names .. make it long so we have much to read =D
        like .. do you think they are stupid, what name you submited and what you voted … and if the poll is pointless now with BIG BANG in it ?

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