[CMS v85] Ice Gorge, Chaos Bosses, Potential System

ChinaMS is going v85 tomorrow and will get Ice Gorge, along with the Resurrection of the Hob King PQ, Chaos Zakum, Chaos Horntail and the item potential system. Grats!


Posted on September 14, 2010, in International MapleStory, Update. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. love the picture

    • forgot to add , why is tat goblin scratching that wolves ass?

      • Part of the Ice Gorge.

        • yeah i know that xD
          zach i got a favor to ask you , and to everbody that is looking at this comment, for some reason i can never submit my ideas for web events, but i want the name i came up with named on big bang, so can annyone ( if they haven’t done it already ) submit the name i came up with, would be cool to see it being called what i came up with 😛


          or something like that, i dont care if it wins that the other person gets the reward, im just happy that íf it gets picked i can play with a happy feeling that nexon america choose my idea…

          so can someone else submit that name for me ?

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