[VIN] Vindictus Early Access Beta: September 15

Nexon America has announced that the early access beta for Vindictus will begin on Wednesday, September 15. Three early access beta keys have been sent to participants in the previous beta phases, two for their friends and one for themselves. Access beta keys will be distributed through various media outlets, bringing more warriors into a world where they can experience the exciting spear-throwing, environment-shattering, formor killing fun that is Vindictus. All data from the early access beta will carry over to the open beta and to the official service. The early access beta will give a select few the chance to experience the elegant brutality before the rest of America.

More news on how to get an early access beta key coming soon!


Posted on September 3, 2010, in Nexon America, Vinductus/Mabinogi Heroes. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. bad thing about vindictus , only 2 jobs , and both warrior , so no ranged or anny other fun class

    • But the two classes that are there are fun. And other classes are coming.

      • and when wil they come , like 2 months after launch a new class wil come ? and after that another 2 months for the next ?
        since you can predict alot of stuff , can you look in the future for me and tell me if you think those new classes wil come soon or not ?
        and wil there be like a mage class and bowmen or something later on ?

        • Hmm… I’m not good at predicting Vindictus but i’ll do my best. I know Nexon Korea said that there will be up to 15 classes by the time they’re done developing classes. I also know that Nexon America is planning on releasing Evy, the mage, possibly for open beta. Kai and Karok will probably come within 6 months of official release. IDK.

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