[September 2] MapleStory’s Next Update Predictions

I now have two predictions because I have no idea exactly when the patch will be. By my predictions, a patch in mid-September will bring different content than a patch in late September or October.

Patch Date:
September 15: 30%
September 22: 30%
September 29: 25%
October 6: 15%


Ice Gorge: 65%
Ulu City: 65% (3 cheers for lionheart)
Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist: 35%
Big Bang: 15%
Resistance (Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic): 5%


Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist: 90%
Ice Gorge: 50%
Ulu City: 50%
Big Bang: 30%
Resistance (Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic): 10%

It’s pretty clear to everyone that we’re well overdue for the Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist. The only explanation I see for us still not having it is that it is being saved to go along with the Halloween events which are usually patched in in October.

MapleSEA just got Crimsonwood. It seems right about the time that Ulu City will be ported over to GMS.

We have near complete Ice Gorge data and are approaching the time when ice Gorge will be due for release in GMS based on recent content schedules and when it hit KMS.

Predictions are getting harder and harder because we don’t seem to be following much of a noticeable pattern these days. For example, last year this time I just looked at what MapleSEA got the month before and it was likely it would come. Now we’re far in front of MapleSEA and seem to be leading the release of content in versions outside of KMS. More predictions coming soon.


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  1. Im thinking last week of Sept.
    And we actually might get Ulu if they decided to release CWK to Msea.

  2. 65 cheers for ulu city!

    • *cheers 1 time , cheers a second time , cheers for the 3rd time*
      woot grtz lionheart xD now lets hope it doesn’t get nerfed

      • If they nerf it I die.

        • get ready to make ya suicide note xD
          please inform us because else, when im old i wil be telling my grandkids : “kids , when i was young i went to a site called msupdate.wordpress.com , its was about a MMORPG , it was a 2d game , not like your fancy holographic games, pfff.
          but to get to my point kids, there was a boy that sayd he would kill himself if the game didn’t went the way he wanted, and since then i only got a reply back to the message that i wrote him back …. im still wondering if he killed himself”

          in other words inform us 🙂

  3. i still doubt ulu city will ever come xD, uve been predicting it for more than a year and nothing xD

  4. “MapleSEA just got Crimsonwood. It seems right about the time that Ulu City will be ported over to GMS.”

    copy + paste right? from southperry

    • No. What, was that exact text on SP? I was just using common sense and past patterns.

      • i read something like that there. i dont remember if it was exact as it is here, but thats the idea 🙂
        unless they copied it from u xD, or just concidende 😛

        • Well I can’t be the only person thinking that us getting Ulu City because MSEA got Crimsonwood. So I’m think me and whoever else on SP wrote that are thinking alike.

  5. Patch Date: September 29 95%

    Cassandra’s and 369 Event ends the 28th

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