[MSEA v95] Crimsonwood Keep PQ

Seems that MapleSEA is getting the Crimsonwood Keep PQ without getting actual Crimsonwood Keep. You get to the PQ through the Dimensional Mirror. That sucks for MapleSEA since they won’t get the monsters and quests that go along with Crimsonwood. It’s strange that MapleSEA didn’t just get Crimsonwood since they have New Leaf City.

If there’s one thing that I love about how AsiaSoft writes their patch notes it’s how many images they use. Makes it fun to read.

Patch Notes for Version 095

Dear Maplers,

The upcoming patch of Version 0.95:

1. [Game / Map] Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest
2. [Game] Premium Mini-Dungeon (Release Period: 02/09/2010 – 16/09/2010)
3. [System Event] Capture the Alien (Event Period: 02/09/2010 – 29/09/2010)
4. [System Event] Chair King Medal (Event Period: 02/09/2010 – 06/10/2010)
5. [Game] New Title Medals!
6. [System Interface] Cash Shop Search Function
7. [Gachapon Update] New Items Release!
8. [Cash Shop Update] New Cash Items Release!

1. [Game / Map] Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest


Brief Information
One of the most challenging party quest! A challenge that a true Mapler has to overcome to declare yourself fit to be among the strongest!
One word of advice~~wits is more important than brawn when pitting yourself against the Grand Masters of Crimsonwood Keep!

Party Quest Requirements
• Required minimum 10 members in a squad.
• Maximum of 20 members in a squad.
• Required at least 2 characters from each of 5 main classes.
• Minimum level to attempt this party quest is 90 and above.
• Each character can only attempt the party quest twice in a day.

How can I get to Crimsonwood Keep?

You can now go to Crimsonwood Keep via Mirror of Dimension!


What are the possible rewards after defeating the Grand Masters of Crimsonwood Keep?

image image
image image
image image

2. [Game] Premium Mini-Dungeon
(Release Period: 02/09/2010 – 16/09/2010)

From 2nd September 2010 to 16th September 2010, NPC Charlie will open up the Premium Mini Dungeons once again! What makes these event mini dungeons so special is that all the mobs roaming inside are dropping magical crystals which you can exchange rare items of your choice with Maple Administrator!

image image

How to enter Premium Mini Dungeon:

Method 1 – Quest:
Speak to Maple Administrator to gather 4 Mini Dungeon tickets and exchange for 1 Free Entrance Ticket to enter the Premium Mini Dungeon.

Method 2 – Cash Shop:
The Maple Mini Dungeon Ticket will be available in the Cash Shop until the 15th September 2010! So hurry up and get them before they are gone! Each ticket is selling at 1,500 1000 Maple Cash, while a bundle of eleven pieces is available at 15,000 10,000 Maple Cash.

How does Premium Mini Dungeon works?
Premium Mini Dungeon can only be access by talking to NPC Charlie.
Defeat the monsters to collect the Mini Dungeon Crystals and Diamonds that will trade you some amazing items like miracle scrolls and exclusive chairs! Speak to the Maple Administrator to exchange for the items of your choice.
Please take note that you will not be able to consume any potions while you are inside the Mini Dungeon.

image image

Where are the Premium Mini Dungeons located?
Alcadno Laboratory, Laboratory C-1 Arera
Leafre, The Dragon Nest Left Behind
Leafre, Battlefield of Fire and Water
Leafre, Destroyed Dragon Nest
Ludibrium, Eos Tower 76th ~ 90th
Sleepywood Dungeon, Cold Cradle
Sleepywood Dungeon, Sleepy Dungeon IV
Sleepywood Dungeon, Ant Tunnel
Sunset Road, Sahel 2
Victoria Road, The Rain-Forest East of Henesys

Reward Mini Dungeon Crystal Mini Dungeon Diamond Mesos
Red Spin Hat Moon Bunny Cushion 5,000 1 100,000
Blue Spin Hat Moon Bunny Cushion 5,000 1 100,000
Fan Dance Hat Moon Bunny Cushion 5,000 2 100,000
Korean Woodwind Moon Bunny Cushion 5,000 2 100,000
Miracle Scroll 20,000 4 500,000
100% Scroll 12,000 4 500,000
Mastery Book 8,000 3 500,000
Reverse Equipment 8,000 2 300,000


3. [System Event] Capture the Alien
(Event Period: 02/09/2010 – 29/09/2010)

Evil aliens are on the loose over the whole of MapleSEA! Vavaan the Space Detective requires the help of all maplers to assist him in capturing all these aliens that are roaming around in almost all towns!


How do I capture the aliens? And using what?

• Look for NPC Vavaan in each town to receive the quest.
• You will receive 1 use slot item, Capture-the-Alien-Ball.
• Hit the aliens in towns to make them weak enough to be captured.
• Move near the alien and use Capture-the-Alien-Ball to held it captive inside the ball. (Hint: Item can be set under key settings)
• Exchange the Captured Alien Ball with Vavaan and receive [Milky Way Star]
• Open up [Milky Way Star] and receive surprise rewards including Star over a Tree Chair!


Alien Capture Ranking
That’s not all! Vavaan is also putting up a generous reward out to avid helpers in capturing these evil~fly~doers!
Talk to NPC Vanaan to check on the top rankings and scores in alien capturing!


At the end of the event on 29th September 2010, Top 3 Characters of Each World in alien capturing will receive the following prizes:

1st : 30 Gachapon Tickets image
2nd : 20 Gachapon Tickets image
3rd : 10 Gachapon Tickets image

4. [System Event] Chair King Medal
(Event Period: 02/09/2010 – 06/10/2010)

image image

Dallier, Officer of Honor will be honoring lucky maplers owning a Hot Stove Chair with a distinctive new title for a limited time period! Chair King Medal!
No clues given on how to get it!


Note: Chair King Medal is valid for 30 days upon receiving the medal.

5. [Game] New Title Medals!

Great news for avid Quest Lovers and Monster Carnival Combatants!
2 new title medals for your collection!

image Complete all Mushroom Kingdom related quests.
image Attained 150 wins in Monster Carnival.

6. [System Interface] Cash Shop Search Function

A new search function has been implemented into Cash Shop for easy shopping!

Enter Cash Shop, click [Search Item].

Type in Item Name / Price Range.

Related results will be shown in HELP tab.

7. [Gachapon Update] New Items Release!

All new Gachapons items are available in ALL towns.


8. [Cash Items] New Cash Items Release!

Maple Mini Dungeon Ticket (1) image Will be removed on 15th September 2010
Maple Mini Dungeon Ticket(11) image Will be removed on 15th September 2010
I Love CN Top image
Picnic Jeans image
Pink Two-Toned Shades image
Yellow Two-Toned Shades image

– MapleSEA Administrator


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  1. why do they only have a storm pole arm and a spear … and why is the polearm called SPEAR , what is the logica behind that ?
    and a lvl 100 cape that adds 4 wep atk , and the mages only get a lvl 120 cape with no matt , so they need to be higher lvl and dont get matt , wth !
    omg no potions when you are in premium dungeon …. so how are the players gonna survive ? you can only stay in for like 1 minut the you run out of either MANA or HP >>>FAIL

    omg MSEA also have aliens , why they have an alien event when we have it to, think of some original event MSEA , or make the alien event 1 month after us.
    but Vavaan looks cool , lol at names AAAAAA IGNBBbBBbBbb

    Fail , we wil give no detail how to get the Hot Stove Chair , oooh look there it is in the new gacha -,-

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