[MSU] August Poll Results

Note: All percentages except the approval rating are rounded to two decimal places.

Nexon America’s Q3 2010 approval rating: 45.23%.

If you’re planning on playing Dragon Nest, what class will you play?

Cleric (Priest/Paladin): 50.58%
Sorceress (Force User/Elemental Lord): 20.95%
Archer (Acrobat/Bow Master): 17.14%
Warrior (Sword Master/Mercenary): 11.42%

If you’re planning on playing Vindictus, which character will you play as your main?

I’ll wait for Evie: 31.70%
Lann: 29.26%
Fiona: 24.39%
I’ll wait for Karok: 10.36%
I’ll wait for Kai: 4.26%

What content are you most looking forward to?

Big Bang: 43.72%
Resistance: 36.74%
Ice Gorge: 13.02%
Ghost Ship in the Mist: 6.51%

How do you think Nexon handled the issues after the v88 update?

Not good, not bad: 38.46%
Terrible!: 33.33%
They did great: 28.20%

Are you happy about the relaunch of GMSTespia?

Yes but I didn’t get invited: 66.90%
Yes and I got invited: 15.27%
No and I didn’t get invited: 14.90%
No but I got invited: 2.90%

September polls are coming soon!


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