[MSU] 1st Anniversary

Saturday, August 28 is the 1st anniversary of the msupdate blog =D. I remember my first post like it was just yesterday…

Hey guys,

Here’s what’s coming in the September Patch… I mean… what I think will be coming in the September Patch =D.

Update Date: Tuesday, 22nd September ~ Wednesday, 23rd September.

Content: Prediction 1
~Underground Temple
~Balrog Boss

Content: Prediction 2
~Ulu City

Content: Prediction 3
~Kaede Castle (has just been patched into MapleSEA)

I’m pretty sure about those three predictions, though not as sure as I was with my past 9 (and correct) predictions.

As time goes by I will bring the number of predictions down to 2, and maybe even 1 soon enough.

I’m nearly 99% sure of the patch date though =D.

Speaking of September update predictions, check out the September 2010 update predictions.


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  1. haha ulu city still in predicctions after a year xD!!!!

    but … GRATZ :p

  2. GRATZ TO MSU !!!

  3. Gratz!!!!

  4. hehe i wanted to talk about ulu city to but arhz2993 already did that 😛
    but : “I’m pretty sure about those three predictions, though not as sure as I was with my past 9 (and correct) predictions”
    what other 9 predictions if this was ya first post ??
    are you a magician ?
    how can ya make 9 predictions before ya first EVAR post ?
    and what is keade castle ?
    do we already have that in GMS ?
    or is it MSEA exclusive , or is that night garden ?
    oooh 1 more question , what is underground temple ??
    hehe and did ya guessed right about the balrog PQ boss coming on the patch you predicted ?
    if i remember correctly this was the patch AFTER this cygnus knights right ?

    • 1. I made predictions that were just to my bl and guild and friends before I made this blog. I made this blog as a place to archive my predictions and spread my predictions to the world.
      2. Kaede Castle is known as “Ninja Castle” in MSEA. It’s a Zipangu expansion right before Neo Tokyo. Those predictions were made before Neo City was released so it was still possible for a Zipangu expansion then. Of course, we never got Ninja Castle.
      3. Underground Temple is the area with the Balrog Boss.
      4. No. I was one month too early. Well maybe I would have been right if Nexon didn’t waste the September update on nothing but “Maple Spirit Week” and the fishing event.
      5. No, Cygnus Knights update was in July. In August we got Monster Carnival 2 and Mu Lung Dojo. This was September, two updates later than Cygnus Knights.


    Oh were never gonna get it 😦 😦 😦

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