[Alert] Fake GMs

A new hack is getting more and more popular. Hackers can use this to send previously GM-exclusive messages like the blue text box.

A Global MapleStory GM always has a suffix after their “GM name” in their IGN depending on their world.
Scania: SCA
Bera: BER
Broa: BRO
Windia: WIN
Khaini: KHA
Bellocan: BEL
Mardia: MAR
Kradia: KRA
Demethos: DEM
Yellonde: YEL
Galicia: GAL

A trick going around is that these fake GMs tell you to drop a valuable illegal item. GMs will never ask you to drop an item. If it needs to be deleted it will be deleted in a maintenance. Another trick is that they tell you to drop an item on an NPC so that they can see if that NPC is glitched. Don’t fall for it. Really don’t trust anyone who says that they are a GM. If they really are a GM from Nexon they will respect that you don’t trust them and find another way to contact you.

A way to see if they are GMs is to try to add them to your buddy list. If this request goes through and you don’t get an error message then don’t trust.


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  1. woah …. wth … this is fked up

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